Destination Wedding

When The Time Stopped One Beautiful Afternoon!

Weddings are not just a union of two souls. It is also about two families merging with the other to create someplace special where they belong together. Smriti, from India and Rytis, from Lithuania got together to write a story filled with love and ecstasy and in the process, planned a gorgeous destination wedding at Cochin, Kerala. Coffee stains, documented this beautiful union with breathtakingly awesome candid photography. They have brilliantly captured the natural beauty of Kerala in the backdrops.

It is heartening to see families from different countries with distinct traditions, leave behind their beliefs, their cultures and their faiths to create something uniquely new and appealing with utter regard and respect for the other. And they do it all just to make sure that the couple, who are going to tie a knot as a promise towards a blissful life of togetherness, have the most beautiful day. If this isn't love, what else is?


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