When There Is Love, It Just Shows! What Looks Like Fun, Is Fun!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

What is an occasion without your close friends nearby? And especially when it is your wedding we are talking about! Friends complete our lives, bring it full circle. They add gaiety, joy and exuberance to the celebration. With your friends staying close to you, the significance of the event becomes four-fold. And since they occupy such a humongous part of your life, why not make them a part of your most beautiful memory too?

Shamatha, our beautiful bride, did just that! All the closest friends were included for a special photo shoot. The girls played along too. The photographers got some beautiful shots of the couple with the friends and boy, should I say the pictures are brilliantly fantabulous! Check out for yourself. It looks like the photo shoot itself must have been real fun because what looks fun, is fun! Now there, Shamatha has some absolutely awesome memories for keepsakes. And don't we envy her? You bet we do! Why didn't we think of this before!!????

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Photo Credits: Deepak Vijay Photography

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