Winners of Contests 4, 5, 6 , 7 & 8


Date: 30th-Nov--0001

It's time to announce the winners of contest 4, 5, 6 , 7 & 8! Before that, we would like to thank all of you for the enthusiastic participation. CONTEST #4 - ANYA - GIFT VOUCHER WORTH INR 5000/- Open to all age groups! Contest Rules:

1. Like"Anya - where tradition meets Fashion"page. 2. Have a look at the kids' collection posted below. Anya has named it Blooming Buds Collection. If given a chance, what would you name it?! Post your answers in this comment box below. (Not in any of the pics) Anya's favourite chosen name gets to win INR 5000 worth gift voucher that can be redeemed at Anya store! 11127759_672271282884980_586408437621814209_n The winner is R Abi Shiv for suggesting the name"ANYA'S KALEIDOSCOPE."Congratulations :)   CONTEST #5 - EARTHEN BEAUTY - THIS SAREE WORTH INR 5000/- Open to all age groups! Contest Rules:1. Like Earthen Beauty Page - 2. Have a look at earthen beauty's beautiful saree posted below. Go to their facebook page, Choose a jewel that you would like to wear along with this saree from their facebook page and post it in this comment box below. [] One random winner will be chosen. 11115861_672638402848268_1719174700447463308_n The winner is Arthika Kalathor! Congratulations :)   CONTEST #6 - GOLDEN WINDOW -A DESIGNER BLOUSE WORTH INR 2000/- Open to all age groups! Simplest Contest Ever! Which blouse do you like?1. Transparant back 2. Fully worked 3. Jewelled 1 random lucky winner gets to win a designer blouse worth INR 2000/-. 11133693_673239819454793_3792548678142109658_n The winner is Diviya Sivram. Congratulations :)   CONTEST #7 - NAC JEWELLERS - 7 GIFT VOUCHERS WORTH INR 2000/- EACH Open to people who can come and collect the gift vouchers on April 25th at NAC, Chennai! We will also have a contest for these gift voucher winners on that day where in they get to try out any jewel at NAC and also win 3 gold coins! Contest Rules:

1. Like"NAC Jewellers"page 2. Have a look at the new logo of NAC Jewellers and let us know what you think of it. Post your answers in this comment box below. 7 random winners get to win gift vouchers worth INR 2000 each that can be redeemed at NAC on April 25! Trisha NAC Jewellers Wallpapers... We have 8 winners instead of 7. Congratultions :) 1. Archana Mohan 2. Suchi Karthik 3. Sri Vidya 4. Sneha Priya 5. Meena Sundar 6. Krithika Murali 7. Divya Krishnan 8. Vriksha Subramanya Ladies! Please make sure you are there at NAC Jewellers to collect the gift vouchers on April 25, 2015. Please message/mail us your numbers so that we can keep you informed.   CONTEST #8 - 2 GOLD FACIALS WORTH INR 2500 EACH BY MEENA GOPAL (COIMBATORE) - Open to the ladies of Coimbatore only - Ladies! Tell us one useful beauty tip that will help all of us and get a chance to win 2 gold facials worth INR 2500/- each by Mrs. Meena Gopal of Coimbatore. Beauty-Benefits-of-Lemon   The winners are Saranya Vellingiri & Sajna Rajan. Congratulations :) For those who didn't make it, sorry guys! We have a lot more contests pending! Hope you guys make it. keep participating. Winners, Please message or mail us to claim your prizes.

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Thanks for choosing me as winner for Contest #8 :) :)

13 Apr 2015
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