15 Classy brides who rocked Kanjeevarams!

15 Classy brides who rocked Kanjeevarams!

No attire is more beautiful and classier than a saree. Here are 15 brides who rocked on their big day draping classy sarees that are timeless and elegant.


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Muted and pastel number like these are undying and look graceful on any bride with Indian skin tone.


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Contrasting borders and traditional motifs always have a special place in our South Indian hearts.


Source: Padma Nandivada

This beautiful Ash blue saree looks so unique and we adore this beautiful sheer sleeved blouse with intricate thread embroidery.


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There is something about brides in red! They look majestic and any gold or diamond jewellery has the perfect palette of red to shine on.


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We can’t get over the prettiness of this peach drape and the contrasting velvet blouse. It looks royal and sophisticated.


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Doesn’t this bride look like a poster model for Indian brides?? We love the earthy green saree and the high neck blouse which is accessorized with the perfect chocker necklace!


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Yellows and mustards look bright and when paired with a shocking pink border, not a lot of brides can pull off what this bride is effortlessly pulling off in this picture.


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This zari saree with silver motifs paired with embroidered red blouse looks striking and gorgeous.


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This saree and the astounding jewelry that goes with this saree is matched perfectly and we love this bride and her happy smile! Happy brides are indeed the prettiest!


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This bride in pink looks dainty and elegant in this beautifully embroidered pink saree and blouse


Source: Vijay Eesam

This beautiful off-white saree with contrast border and hand embroidered long blouse border looks appealing and pretty!


Source: Vijay Eesam

A classy golden saree is a tradition and time honoured saree style. this stunning bride has exquisitely accessorized with unique polki and gold jewellery


Source: Vijay Eesam

The dull pink tissue saree and the bright pink blouse is a perfect example of mixing different hues of monotone saree. We can’t take our eyes off the layered pearl necklace.


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This white saree is a tasteful and is super versatile to go with any coloured blouse. This red blouse complements the refined saree fluently.


source: Wedding Chronicles India

Pairing a kanjeevaram with an embroidered brocade border is having best of both worlds. The elegance of southern kanjeevaram and grandeur of northern brocade and embroidery!!