Happily In Love! A Super Cool Engagement Of A Tennis Player And A Photographer!

Happily In Love! A Super Cool  Engagement Of A Tennis Player And A Photographer!

Kesica, an extremely admirable and charming bride tells us about her big day with so much enthusiasm which made us fall in love with it as much as she did!!

Hi, I am Kesica Jayapalan. Initially, my  career started off with my Dad after which I worked on a startup that held after-school programs for kids that focused on athletics. Tennis has always been my first love. I’ve competed in the international circuit. I also played college tennis in the United States while pursuing my undergraduate degree. My fiancé, Varoonn, graduated from MCC, Chennai and then did a photography course in Ooty. He is a photographer and is also in charge of their family business.

We met at a friend’s birthday party and her mom who had previously met the two of us, played Cupid. We spoke for a few days before telling our parents about us. Since we belonged to the same community, everything went on very smoothly. In no time, our families got together to talk about our engagement.

The engagement ceremony was in Residency, Coimbatore attended by around 300 people who were mostly family and close friends. My first saree was a stunning navy blue and purple saree from @kanakavalli# and my blouse was designed by @nadiya-design-studio#, Coimbatore. I later changed into a beautiful pink saree bought at @mahaveers-the-silk-peopleclothing# for which I wore custom made diamond jewellery from Karaikudi and the jewellery gifted from the groom’s side was a diamond haram from Kirtilals. My blouse for this saree was from the same design studio. My makeup for the day was done by @steffhy-antony# and the team who captured all of these moments was @the-4toes#.