A true wardrobe essential- A classic white blouse!

A true wardrobe essential- A classic white blouse!

A classic white blouse with clean cuts is a versatile saver that will go with every ethnic ensemble whether sari or lehenga.it will be a saver when u can’t find ur blouse for your favorite sari or the best go-to blouse if you new sari’s blouse is unstitched. Here are a few ways it can be styled.


Source :Bhargavi

The beauty of the classic kanjeevaram stands out in a muted white blouse.


Source: Bhargavi

The elegant white raw silk blouse with simple embroidery leaves way for the sophisticated Kanjeevaram to shine in all it’s glory


Source: Avani

The white blouse with the simple bhuttas and the sari’s zari border on the sleeves is a classy look. This blouse is super versatile and can me matched with other sarees too.


Source: Mantra the design studio

Our mama to be has the perfect taste in blouses we must say! The white blouse with embellished border brings out the richness of the pink sari.


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This is a must have blouse in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s classy, chic and can be worn with traditional and contemporary sarees.


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If you want your sari or jewellery to stand out, the beat option will be to wear a simple white blouse with minimal embellishments.


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The elegant white blouse brings out the best parts of Sneha’s sari. We love the simple embroidery in her blouse which makes it delightful.


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This model has her blouse game on! Her blouse is simple classy and on point. It is super flexible and will match all of her sarees!


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Break the monotony of a white blouse by wearing a quirky printed white blouse which will be vogue and out-of-the-box.


Source: Sri Palasa

DD knows how to look stylish and pretty. We love her white high neck blouse with brocade border which perfectly complements her sari


Source: Sunnil Emmar

Elevate your sari game by pairing it with a white blouse. Gone are the contrast blouses style. white is here to stay and slay!!