10 Long Gown Ideas To Ace Up Your Couple Shoots

10 Long Gown Ideas To Ace Up Your Couple Shoots

Long gowns have been doing their rounds with regards to the western culture having a very great impact over our culture now. Long gowns with their beautiful ruffles are the most trendiest and handy option when couples think of having a very stylish and a very westernized photo shoot. Likewise, gowns have never ceased to offer the elegance, class and sass when worn. Here are few of Shopzters’ best and evergreen brides who chose to wear long gowns and who flaunted them at ease and with so much vogue.

A peachy long gown with the guy’s blue combination works so well among the woods. Trust us on this.

A black and pink combination of a transparent falls gown with such lovely embellishments goes so well in setting up the vibe so right.

Pic Courtesy -  Zero gravity

A pink gown with brilliant stone works, embellishments and lacey ruffles underneath. Need we say more about the amount of compliments it is going to bestow you with?

Pic Courtesy - Studio A

A blue, sleeve less gown with the guy in his suit. This gown looks so much so like it’s been driven straight out of Disney’s princess movies. Don’t you think?

Pic Courtesy - Studio A

An ombre gown with a brilliant combination of royal blue and white along with floral works etched over the neckpiece. Okay, we are completely vouching for this one!

A forest green gown! How cool is that?A wild shade of gown to be shot amidst the wild side of nature. This one can’t get any better!

Pic Courtesy - Studio A

A floral worked gown with amazing ruffles. A pink showery fall that looks so vivid. The girl in her braided fashion. This picture is so damn perfect

A very peachy affair! This picture speaks of how much the gown goes in accordance with the mood of the place and the gown sure does compliment the guy’s outfit so very much.

Pic Courtesy - Zero Gravity

A blue gown to flaunt all your blues away oh-so in style!

Pic Courtesy - Studio A

A brilliant shade of a gown that keeps reminding you that not all amazing things come in small packages. Sometimes they come in form of these sort of gowns too.

Pic courtesy - Zero gravity