A Versatile Bride And The 7 Various Looks She Opted For Her Wedding

A Versatile Bride And The 7 Various Looks She Opted For Her Wedding

Brides these days have made it a point to go all versatile with their looks. Various kind of looks for various events prior to the wedding. Since the wedding’s going to be fully traditional, the brides choose to take up fully western, Indo-western and semi-western looks for all the other events. Here is one such bride who took over such opulent clothing for all the events she had at her wedding. We just can’t stop appreciating how well she nailed all the looks. Special mention about @bronzer-bridal-makeup-artist# for bringing out the best and making sure the bride had a contrasting look for each event and @zero-gravity# for capturing them. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look for yourselves!


Keeping it casually and highly chic, this look is very contemporary and stylish.


She has opted to go fully like a typically North Indian bride in this. With a bright red brocade skirt, she looks pretty exquisite.


This checked & striped saree has become a heart throb these days. With such less-stereotypical shades, this saree’s a favourite.

A bright pink saree with a contrasting pastel green, three fourth sleeve blouse. Ah, the fashion! 

Ditching prime colours, this tri-colour saree is our most favourite. 


The bride here is impersonating Aandal and we sure can’t spot differences between the two!


This red gown is heavily gorgeous and trust us on this we can’t get enough of it already!