Bigger Is Better For A Wedding, The Confluence Style!- Wedding Venue Feature

A grand welcome at the classy lobby, with a perfectly done Butter Carved Cow trying to say Cheese, sure did bring a smile to our faces as we checked-in at the Confluence Banquets and Resorts to get ready for the Bridal Party Shoot!


To add to the fun and pleasant surprises, we had the young and vibrant Mr.Arun Suresh - Director  Hospitality  Of Confluence Belonging to Arun Excello Group, drop by to say Hello!. A day at Confluence will always be remembered as a colorful experience, with lots of blues, greens, sunsets and happy smiles! Hear from Mr.Arun, on how Confluence is quickly becoming the perfect Wedding Venue in Chennai!

We know Arun Excello has been involved with some of the best residential plans in the city, how did the hospitality/resort set up with Confluence come up?

What started off as compact homes project, very close to where Confluence is right now, did turn our attention to create a convention/resort sort of facility. However, we wanted to make this completely different from the usual resorts around Chennai.


We've seen wedding venues that can hold a crowd of 2,000 to 3,000 guests, but we wanted it much bigger. We started with a survey of almost all the big Convention Centers in India, picked up on what's missing in those places and made sure those facilities were put in place at Confluence.

We've also hosted a Wedding with about 10,000 to 15,000 guests; it totally went with our tag line Bigger Is Better!

Why the name Confluence?


Confluence, just like what it means, is placed rightly at the juncture of three to four main connecting roads on the ECR. It also points out that Confluence is a place not for stay but also a venue that hosts a variety of events like Weddings, Social Events, Corporate Meetings and Day-Outs, Medical Conferences, MICE, Conventions, Audio Launches, Leisure Market, Product Launches, Music Fests and more.

Confluence has a lovely Ambience. What inspired the plan?


Ours is both a Business Hotel, Convention Centre which is purely a Vegetarian Zone, and a Resort at the same time. Our Architects from Hong Kong did an amazing job with the planning. We needed ideas that were different, unique and something that suits all range of events from family occasions to corporate meetings to getaways where guests get to unwind and relax. We're glad that things fell perfectly as planned and our guests love the ambience at Confluence!

Confluence being tucked away from the city is one of the biggest advantages. How has the response been so far as a Wedding Venue as well as a Resort?

To commute inside the city is becoming quite a stress to be honest. Then one could imagine the rush when it comes to getting to Wedding venues. This is where Confluence makes it all easy.


As Chennai is slowly picking up on Destination Weddings, Confluence serves as the best getaway for a fun Wedding celebration. Instead of rushing from one end of the city to another to get to a Wedding Venue, the wedding parties just have to grab their family and friends and hit Confluence! Here, they get to hangout, spend some quality time with family and friends, set up fun events, even find a stay at Confluence, celebrate and take back some of the best Wedding Moments & memories.

Apart from that, the drive from the city to Confluence is guaranteed fun. Chennai-ites love driving away from the city for weekends and even for day outs, which has turned out pretty good for Confluence.

How many weddings have been hosted at Confluence?

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Confluence is now stepping into its third year and so far we've hosted 120 wedding celebrations successfully. Most of these have been North-Indian weddings that go on for at least 2 days. The best part about hosting a wedding at Confluence is that we have the Wedding Hall adjacent to the lawns. Clients can make use of the either facilities for a shift during the wedding celebrations. The stay is also at a walk-able distance.

How does Vendor arrangements for Weddings at Confluence work?


The USP for confluence totally allows Vendors from outside. Because it's only fair to let the wedding parties have their day the way they want it to be. While we have had vendors from outside for decors, set-up, catering and so on, we must say Confluence also does End-to-End event services. We have a very well equipped team that takes care of everything at a wedding event. The To-Be-Weds and their families will just have to pick their choices and let us in on how they want things at the wedding and our team gets it done. All they will have to do is show up at the wedding and have the time of their lives!

Confluence has one of the biggest Banquet Halls! How doe'pretty well as huge as 22,000 sq.ft and can be split in 2 apart from the Dining. We have a huge premises with 90 Rooms including Chalet, Villas and Suites, Swimming Pool, a gym, Summit the smaller banquet hall, Nectar the Lounge Bar and a 24 hoursMulti-cuisine Restaurant right on the highway.


With places as huge as Confluence, maintenance is the key! Definitely there is going to be quite an after-scene after an event, but we make sure we clear things out in no time! We have an amazing team that has been well-trained to get things done swiftly and perfectly.

We heard about the huge stage that's totally one of a kind! Can you fill in on the details?

The Stage! Yes, it's a 3,200sq.ft area, which has been designed with a ramp. This was done keeping in mind a lot of things. The stage can handle Volvos, trucks and what not! It comes in handy for a mega product launch event or even weddings that involve fancy entry of the bride and groom in decorated cars and more of that sort.

Recently we were able to accommodate a 165 ft. long wind-mill rotator, from Namakal Transport, that goes straight up 360 degrees. The stage is also a proud host of the famous Sunburn Concert and we're soon up for Blend, The Craziest DJ In The World in February. We're excited!


What are the future plans for Confluence?

Quite recently, demands have gone high for Confluence since it is difficult to find all services we offer, under one roof. We are now expanding our space and bringing in recreational area for Kids and for the corporates. We might soon be winging a 3-D theatre and a much missed Spa at Confluence. We're bringing in All-Terrain Vehicles because, it's just fun!


Confluence isn't just about the space we are at now, because we move towards making advancements keeping in mind, the future Chennai. We aim at developing the entire of Mahabalipuram area and making it a hub for everything fun under the sun! At the end of the day, to get away from the city and from a busy life needs to get you to an escape that helps you reconnect with joys and colors of life!


Well, we agree with Mr.Arun. Isn't that what life is about? Not to miss out on the essence of fun and happiness in life? Shopzters wishes Confluence the best in everything they do, especially with making peoples life one step closer to happiness! All you To-Be-Weds, giving that Destination Wedding a thought! Start off with your Wedding Venue bookings at Confluence!