Photography Of The Month - October'15!

Photography Of The Month - October'15!

This astounding duo of Sujay and Shreyanka has their own groovy way of getting the couple comfortable. Thus, the joyous moments and memories are captured still for all years to come. They not only concentrate on the couple but also their loved ones during their wedding and their chemistry and more during the couple shoots. Their distinct approach to shoot weddings has definitely made heads turn and love them all the more. 12096429_647315885371218_7178479731370189641_n We are a team of two, me and my wife. About me: I was in the field of motorsports for almost six years and have won three national championships for three consecutive years. I got drifted away from the high speed rallying cars into photography purely out of passion. About Shreyanka: As an artist, she gave the creative edge to the pictures that she captured and we started working together with all the passion, creativity, enthusiasm and artistic skills. That was when Minchu Studio was born. 11053671_587196651383142_9152145103270229998_n Our couple photoshoot is very different from the rest as we do it in an editorial way. Right from the location, dresses, styling, poses to the chemistry that they share. 10428690_581503071952500_711198694185423386_n Minchu studio offers Contemporary Wedding photography, Cinematography and Commercial ad photography services.


For us every picture is a painting, we work our best for each picture in terms of lighting, composition, expression, pose and finally the post production. Our philosophy in photography is to adopt a personal and creative style that portrays an artistic vision. 1378447_559873890782085_8771059482198266342_n Candid according to us: Although we take candid pictures in the wedding it�s not only about that. When the couple want their loved ones in the frame we do have to get them in a single frame and then crack a joke which brings a moment of joy that could be cherished and framed forever.


About the couple photoshoot: We don't just ask our clients to pose for pictures, click few hundred pictures and get done with it! We take a keen interest in selecting the location, background for each picture; interesting concepts and we always try to make the couple comfortable before starting the session. Pre-wedding shoots are all about presenting the chemistry the couple share, in a creative way. We give a lot of importance to the composition of pictures, aesthetics, lighting and post production. The equation between the couple has to be positive and tangible for the pictures to come out good, she further adds. 1966937_533503746752433_6210163177734782735_n Moving to wedding videography, capturing dynamic mix of personality, emotions and moments surrounding the most important day of your life is so important. The lengthy conventional videos can be boring. How would you like it if your wedding story is told in a few minutes entwined with melodious tunes? That's exactly how Minchu Studio presents your wedding video! They are story tellers to the core. 1796569_520051004764374_202327313192174716_n They interview the bride, groom and their close ones, and get artistic shots in a creative angle; for instance, getting ready shots or cute little moments of the couple smiling at each other or a mother hugging her daughter etc,. They are talented cinematographers who can tie precious moments into a story. When I saw their cinematic videos, I thought they were more like movie trailers - crisp, neat and entertaining.



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