The Art of Giving Away Some Love!

The Art of Giving Away Some Love!

Weddings are delightful occasions that fill hearts with bliss, love, joy and life itself! Have you ever felt so happy, so full of love, that you feel like you can't contain and you just have to give away some of it?


With the 'Month of Giving' over, we would like to encourage you more to find joy in giving. Having being taught about the goodness of giving even as a child, I've always found special happiness and peace when I give to the people in need. Growing up with the same attitude of giving, I've realized, as much as I give away, I've never once found myself empty or running out of joy and love that has been filling my life. My special days include contributing my part to build someone's life.

On your special moments, times when life puts you on spots where you've been filled with a whole lot of joy be sure to show it to the world, by giving it away. Extending your helping hand to charity or people in need gives you the genuine complete feeling for happiness. The kind of jumping joy that you feel when you see a grateful smile on a face? No party poppers or confetti can bring you!


As you start off a journey of love for each other, you and your spouse can start it off on a right note of helping a charity home or the homeless. Considering our cities have quite a number of Non-Profit organizations, home for the aged, orphanages and more, you would not have a tough time finding someone who needs help is never a hard thing. It also would be better to do some prior research about the charity organization and making sure you reach-out to the right kind of people. We as a family personally reach out to Karunai Illam in Erode(Contact: 9442704791) and help them any small way that we could on days that are special and very close to our hearts.

You can have a subtle way of encouraging your wedding guests to give for charity instead of crashing a bomb on expensive wedding gifts. This can be mentioned on the invites to notify the guests. You could also come up with creative pledge cards that can be a reminder with some information about a few Charity Organizations they could opt from to help later.


An old adage that goes, A candle never loses its light while lighting another candle points out that no one has ever lost by just giving away goodness. As we are at the beginning of a new month, we want to remind and encourage you to give away some joy to those who need it the most and may you never run out of goodness that you give! Spread some love, fill a heart and be the reason behind someone's smile! Happy Giving!