Boutique of the month - December'14!

Boutique of the month - December'14!

Such a fulfilling talk it was! So inspiring to hear the success story of Sathya, the brain behind the design store 'Mantra'. A highly motivated person, Sathya, enumerates on the journey she took to realize her dream! Here's 'Mantra' for you dear readers, as the 'Boutique of the month'.


From my childhood, I have been interested in colours and combinations. Until my 12th standard, my parents used to choose the dresses for me. Once in college, I had the freedome to make my own choices. I did not relish the idea of readymade dresses and hence I always used to design my own ones. I would let the tailor know my idea and would get them stitched according to my taste incorporating all my ideas!


I was always wary of monotonous designs and hence, when my sister got married and settled down in Bangalore, I would make umpteen trips to Bangalore and select fabrics of my choice and stitch them.


I must say that marriage has indeed been a blessing for me! My husband who has always been understanding, used to encourage me to put all my ideas to use. And that was the time I started conducting exhibitions of cotton fabrics which drew a very good response.


My husband's idea of putting up a store materialized and that was how I started my own venture, a boutique christened " Garment Nook". My friend from Calcutta who had a degree from NIFT helped me in crating some fabulous designs. While I used to take care of the fabrics, the prinitng, embroidery and stitching were done in Calcutta. We even used to print duppattas! We also started a small unit for designing in the same place.


Three years back we moved to the present place. We started off with around 5 to 6 people and we have now grown to around 40 people! Things started to look up and we began improving in all spheres. We also have a workshop upstairs which we renovated 6 months back.


I wanted to organise everything perfectly and wanted to give the clients the value for money and absolute satisfaction. Hence we now have a record of the client's entry and exit, the measurements, the specifications and their feedback. We also have customized shelves for different categories like blouses, salwars, machine embroidery, hand embroidery, quality check etc. and every section has a supervisor.


My aim is to to be on par with the customers' expectation and my dream is to give my best and bring in a lot of professionalism in what we do. We have been striving towards it and have attained it to a reasonable extent. In addition to the customized blouses and salwars, we now have an in-house readymade salwar production called ' VV'.


My dad and husband have been my chief motivators and I owe a lot to them for that. Creativity stems from Nature. I look around, derive inspiration from things around me! I personally feel if you pay intense attention and put in a lot of effort, things will definitely fall in place!


Address:No.66, Venkataswamy road west, RS Puram, Coimbatore.

Phone Number: 04224200009, 09894155155

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