Honeymoon Destinations For The Adventurous Couple

Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is the hub for adventure sports, from sky diving to deep sea shark diving, cliff diving, paragliding and kayaking, this place has it all. So if you and your spouse want a honeymoon filled with thrills, then this is your destination. Plus, it has beautiful beaches to offer, so extra points for serenic beauty.


Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Known for its outstanding cycling tracks, Rocky Mountains has more to offer. River rafting and hiking are the second and third highest rank adventure sports in the reserve. Being a national park reserve, the wildlife and greenery will make for an outstanding backdrop to your honeymoon.


Hamilton Island, Australia

This one is for the water babies out there. An island located smack in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and is a delight to be at. Surrounded by water for miles, this island offers snorkeling, kayaking and jet skiing. Not to mention the isolation from the outside world that could do both your partner and you some good.


Tanzania, Africa

Famous for its safari tours, it has a wide range that you can choose from. You are even given an option to camp at the safari site. However, this only seems practical if you aren't a couple that minds difficult surroundings. You could also take a detour and hike Mount Kilimanjaro, striking one more thing off your bucket list.


Taos, New Mexico

There are two types of adventure sports in this area. You could take the white waters and go river rafting and kayaking. Or you could sign up for the snow adventures and go skiing. If none of them satisfy you, then they also offer some great rock climbing sites.


Belize, America

Scuba diving, snorkelling, sky diving, fishing, kayak fishing, paddle boating, caving, kite surfing, and the list goes on. Belize offers a large variety of adventure sports to choose from, but it gets better. It has Xunantunich, the ancient Mayan archaeological site which is basically a once in a lifetime opportunity and should not be missed.


Peru, South America

The ultimate site of unique experiences Peru offers canopying, trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, kayaking, surfing, hiking, mountaineering and sand-boarding on the coastal dunes. Though it would be an exhausting honeymoon since you would have so much to cover, it would sure be a fruitful one.


Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Sign up for a trekking trip at the Nepal Everest base camp and you will both come back a different people. A tough trek with little privacy since you will be in a group, take this up only if both of you are determined and passionate towards the experience. 8