How To Pick Your Bridal Outfit

How To Pick Your Bridal Outfit

Her wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, the most important. Shouldn't she look her best? Today, we talk about things to keep in mind when you choose your outfit for that special day. We know brides are often under a lot of pressure but plan your shopping and you'll enjoy it.


Colour matters: The first thing to look into is the colour; the colour you choose should make your skin stand out and glow. You don't have to stick to the basic red, venture into bright oranges, maroons, pastel pinks or golden hues. Your clothes should compliment your skin tone, for example if you have a wheat-ish completion, maroon and golden will suit you better than magenta and orange. And if you have a lighter skin tone, pastels and bright colours should be your choice.


Comfort is the priority: Next, choose a type of outfit you're comfortable with, you have to spend over 6-7 hours in it. So if you aren't at ease in a lehenga or a gown, pick a saree. Be different but not at the expense of your comfort.

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Remember to be elegant: Also, elegance is the key. This day is going to play a big role in your future; you will constantly run across pictures or videos. So remember it with a smile, your wedding outfit cannot be tacky or too bling. An evergreen choice like Gotta-patti or a traditional Kanjivaram sari can never go wrong and is always in fashion. Do not blindly dive head-first into a designer outfit, scout the streets with your bridesmaids before you settle on something.

Match your jewellery: If you have a family neckpiece or bangles that you want to wear on your wedding day then keep that in mind when you shop for your bridal outfit. Since most of your outfits will be customised, you might as well spend a little extra money to have your clothes and jewellery complement each other.

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Budget Woes: And last but not the least; your budget plays a big role. The simple trick to stick to your budget is to go for machine work on your clothes rather than hand-done embroidery; it'll save you money and look good at the same time. Seek advice from recent brides, where did they shop and what problems did they face when they went shopping. But no matter what happens, it is your day and shopping for it should be fun and eventful; you shouldn't make it a cumbersome process.