Reign Of Romance

Reign Of Romance

Umbrellas are romantic. We have all seen more than one couple lounging under an umbrella at the beach and thought, 'wonder what's that like?'

Sharing an umbrella is today's equivalent of an invisibility cloak. No, scratch that, it's an inverse of an invisibility cloak. There's just the two of you and the world around you fades to black.

And these couples had the best and simplest idea of using an umbrella as a prop in their pre/post wedding shoots.

Let the wind carry it away. It's time to share our love story with the world

11012135_860795797366858_2155009287276412003_n Credits : Wedding Nama

Hello world! Hello sunshine! Here we are


Credits : Wedding Nama

Nothing shall dampen our mood on this special day


Credits : Siddarth Photography

Even on sunny days, I will find pretty rainbows for you


Credits : Siddarth Photography

An Umbrella uniting two souls since forever


Credits : Siddarth Photography

Sharing an umbrella means figuring out the right path to take together!


Credits : Siddarth Photographer

Lounging at sandbanks or a rocky-bank never forget to take your trusty umbrella with you


Credits : Banty Photography

Dancing in the rain


Credits : The Fhoto

Come from heaven, have ye?

aa photography (18)

Credits : Ashok Arsh Photography

A little drizzle can�t stop two beautiful souls from taking a romantic stroll

Creative wedding photography (6)

Credits : Creative Wedding Photography

Because love turns us all into poets and musicians

Frontal knots phtgraphy (89)

Credits : Frontal Knots

A magical shower from under the umbrella

Harishankar Photography (89)

Credits : Harishankar Photography

Keeping private moments' private

Mystic studios photography (33)

Credits : Mystic Studios Photography

An artsy umbrella jealously guarding the secrets of love from the world

PhotoAlchemy photography (32)

Credits : Photo Alchemy Photography

Whether it's sunny or rainy, happy or sad, we are in this together

Pixel story (15)

Credits : Pixel Story 

Can't say who's enjoying the rain more? The girl with her arms spread, or the man who is enjoying the view.

Priyavision photograpphy (39)

Credits : Priyavision Photography

Or snow for that matter

Rahul sadagopan photography (45)

Credits : Rahul Sadagopan Photography

Love that defies gravity

Rakesh prakash photography (11)

Credits : Rakesh Prakash Photography

Fighting of sprinklers, shielding from sultry sun, our knight in shining vermillion armour

Say cheese photography (77)

Credits : Say Cheese Photography

An umbrella made of flowers for the beautiful blushing bride


Credits : Sutra Snapperz