The Wedding Story Of A Couple Who Went To The Same School But Never Met Until Graduation

The Wedding Story Of A Couple Who Went To The Same School But Never Met Until Graduation

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. And that’s exactly how our bride Amruthaa feels about her fairytale love story.

Vivek and I went to the same school but never actually met until we graduated from school. We knew a lot about each other through a common friend right from our school days and finally ended up meeting through a casual facebook conversation. From the moment, I met him, I knew he was the one.  We started going out in August 2010. Since then it has been a crazy ride filled with fun and laughter for both of us. And 7 years later we finally decided to tie the knot.

I have always dreamt of having a fairytale wedding. With wedding bells around the corner, I wanted everything to be perfect – as perfect as us – so I began planning every minute detail. 

Ours was a traditional tam-brahm wedding at AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam..We had 4 events – Viratham, Engagement, Reception and Muhurtham and I wanted all the 4 events to be unique and different. Both families wanted the religious Vedic part intact, and lesser concentration on events just social. I also thought that the ambience must be exquisite and special but without much bling, fresh and fragrant, not the “oh,seen this there” type ,instead something vibrant but pleasing to the eye. I was looking for a wedding designer who would understand me and would help me realize my dream wedding. That’s how ,after a lot of frantic searching and trials , I got in touch with @pink-parrots#. They were like a god send.  Right from the first meeting, we hit it off ! They understood my vision and gave me design ideas that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED ! Here are the beautiful details of my wedding. 

Sarees for the wedding were sourced from Kanchipuram. For the Oonjal, I got a midnight blue saree with animal prints on it from J R Silks.  In fact all my sarees had the rich ‘Vanashringaram’ theme on them. So I wanted a traditional décor with animals interwoven in it. Pink Parrots sketched out the perfect flora and fauna theme which had beautiful traditional flowers with origami birds, green leaf parrots, and floral elephants, blended fantastically with hanging brass lamps. It was truly celestial. 

For the Muhurtam and Engagement ,  I customised my  saree ,  mixing and matching colours , motifs and weaves from the multitude of options available at JR Silks . The traditional maroon for the 9 yards and yellow-peacock blue combo for the engagement. Sylvia my designer brought out excellent designs on my blouses, each one different in work-style and accessory, with a fit to suit each event. All my jewellery was collected ,again designed and/or selected with utmost care ,over the years,  from VBC and @vbj#. My aunts lent a few of their exquisite collections too , to match my saree and event .I also selected my accessories with painstaking effort . With so much to be done I justifiably wanted my decor planning off my shoulders. 

Vaishnavi ,Aakanksha and team carried it off with aplomb !

Given that it was an early morning Muhurtham around 4 AM, I wanted a unique Oonjal décor that was different from the usual traditional set up and so we had a beautiful rose canopy with a pop of orange and greenery. We wanted the  Chenda melam for the bridal entry and the arrival of the bridegroom and family .It was a huge success too.

My Makeup was by the amazing @make-up-ibrahim# and Team who were kind enough to accommodate in spite of a couple more weddings and did an incredible job with their flawless makeup with state of the art products. 

Catering was excellently managed by Shri Pattapa. Again the menu was meticulously discussed and finalised with Shri Balaji . The food was as always amazing and appreciated by all the guests.

The wedding was beautifully shot by @picturemakers# and Sai photographics.


The Reception

I had always imagined having an enchanted fairytale reception with English florals and signages that speak of our journey and it was just perfect! Our reception stage had a dreamy backdrop with French windows, English florals, hanging floral chandelier with cute little doves flying over us. I wanted a bridal outfit that would go with this set up. Vaishnavi helped me with my styling for the reception as well. She helped me pick the perfect bridal outfit and we got the gown custom designed with Anjali Sharma and it was beautiful. Rave reviews for this as well.

Other décor accents included cute signages all over the passage way, ranch style floral entrance which was unique and loved by all of the guests. And another highlight of the reception décor was the fairytale Photobooth.  It was all that I had imagined.