10 Things A Girl Must Do Before She Ties The Knot

10 Things A Girl Must Do Before She Ties The Knot

You are months away from getting married and that means you probably need to make the most of your single life left. We bring you 10 things that you need to experience before you tie the knot.

Go on a road trip with your girls!

Enjoy the alone time since it's probably all you'll get for a really long time. Feel the wind in your hair, let yourself loose and sing alone to Taylor Swift.                                                                                                                                    1

Do something adventurous

It'll be a great confidence boost for you and take your mind away from all the stress surrounding your wedding preparations. Go sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping are just few of the things  you could try out. Don't worry if you're scared, most of us are.


Shop Till You Drop

Go shopping, nobody is going to stop you because your special day is near. Use this as an excuse to buy the Louise Vuitton Bag you've had your eye on or the Zara dress that you've been

chasing in your dreams.    


Take A Break With Your Mom

Spend a weekend by the beach, a retreat of sorts surrounded by people you love. Spend some time with your mom, watch the sunset with her and sip on martinis. After you're married, you will crave this mother-daughter bonding time.


Cook Up A Storm Experiment cooking things you've always watched on television but have never had the nerve or time to actually try. It is always a better idea to blow up your mom's kitchen than your mother-in-law's.          


Take A Risk

Try something you've always wanted to do, take pole-dancing lessons, be a part of a flash mob or do a wild photo shoot. You might not have the time once you are married so make the most of it now.    


Face Your Fear

Face your greatest fear, if you're afraid of heights, go on a hot air balloon, and witness a beautiful city from the greatest height. It's an enriching experience and will leave you in awe for days. To win your greatest fear will make you a stronger person and will prepare you to face anything head on.


Sing The Night Away

Attend a music festival with your girlfriends, watch your favourite singer or band perform live, especially if it is someone all of you love. The memories will stay with you forever.                                                                                     9

You Don't Need No Man

Learn a martial art of your choice, Kung Fu, Tae Kwando or kick boxing. Become a strong independent woman who can defend herself. You don't need your man to stand up for you, you go girl!                                                               10

Bachelorette Party

Nothing is more fun for a to-be bride than her Bachelorette party. Ask your brides maids to plan one or take the matters in your own hands and plan one yourself. Dance, sing and drink the night away with your friends, a hangover is the least of your troubles.