8 Surreal Decor Ideas That Are Sure To Allure Your Guests

8 Surreal Decor Ideas That Are Sure To Allure Your Guests

Decorations as e have spoke about so many times earlier, have served such amusing purposes. Decorations needs have never gone down. You want a thematic wedding? The decorations could make or break the whole set-up. To such decorations that are about to make up to all the amusing weddings of recent times, here’s @vedikaevents# for you all with a set of alluring décor ideas that you can incorporate into your beautiful South Indian weddings.

1.An entry that looks surreal and very simple yet elegant.

2.With the right amount of rights and bunches of flowers that could ace up your thematic weddings.

3.For all the fanatic of Lord Krishna out there, we think this one’s for you!

4.Yet again, a Lord Balaji thematic décor that helps in invoking bunches of blessings and various compliments.

5.Yellow and white flowers all over the arena, blessings the venue in sheer charm.

6.All subtle shades put together are always a treat to the eyes and this one’s proof of that.

7.Flowers, flowers everywhere. The stage is all set up for a floral tribute!

8.A brilliant combination of bright pink and mallow yellow is sure a hit!