Deepika Ranveer Wed in Italy and We Couldn’t Sleep without Giving You the Full Details

Deepika Ranveer Wed in Italy and We Couldn’t Sleep without Giving You the Full Details

Finally! We can finally utter our favourite Bollywood couple’s names in one breath – DeepVeer. Even Smriti Irani got tired of waiting for the power couple to tie the knot and when they finally have, the whole event was as drool-worthy as ever. Their pictures have taken over the internet for the past few days and these are what we got to know from them.

The marriage took place over two days.

There was a intimate Nandi pooja held in Bangalore before the celebrations began in Italy! Here's a sneak peek of Deepika Padukone with her team.



The Mehendi-

And the stream of photos also showed that there was a day for Mehendi where Ranveer was being Ranveer dancing away and Deepika was looking stunning in her lehenga and mehendi clad hands..

But the pick among all the pictures had to be the family photo where both sides came together to capture the auspicious moment. Deepika held Ranveer’s mother’s hand and that should tell you the whole story.





Konkani Ceremony on 14th November-

The first day saw Deepika and Ranveer form the union of love in the South Indian style Konkani Ceremony. The bride shared the groom’s photo and the groom shared the bride’s. Now, how very dreamy is that!






Anand Karaj on 15th November-

The next day, Sabyasachi clad the couple in bright red and DeepVeer followed the rituals of the Punjabi Anand Karaj Ceremony. The candid photos of the couple in glorious red are really too romantic to handle. There’s happiness, there’s love and there’s belongingness.







Truly, a match made in heaven!

And we have every right to be jealous. Don’t we all want to look as stunning as DeepVeer and find partners like them? For now, as we await more pictures, the couple is back in India and have moved in Deepika’s Bangalore house. They are getting ready for their receptions where the match-maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali is set to arrive.

Till then, let’s drool over the pictures we already have and wish the couple a happy life ahead. Our best for DeepVeer!