Fabulous Ensemble For The Miniature You- The Latest Kids Wear Collection

Fabulous Ensemble For The Miniature You- The Latest Kids Wear Collection

Weddings are not just fun for the adults. Weddings are fun for the kids too. Especially when children get to meet all their cousins, their aunts who can't stop themselves from pinching their cheeks, meet more kids of their own age to run around and play with, have lots of ice-cream and sweets; and generally make the festive event more lively and dramatic as only kids can do.

And sometimes, your kid may be a favourite/only niece or nephew to the bride or groom or vice versa which will keep your kid rooted to their side. Even otherwise, well-dressed children are a favourite subject to the photographers at weddings.

But more importantly, we don't miss the chance to admire even these tiny tots ensemble. Their Silk Skirt and blouse (Pattu Pavadai), their flowy and frilly gowns, frocks, or Gagra Cholis, Dhoti for boys, or Sherwani for the miniature man; everything in little fashion makes our head swivel in wonder and admiration.

These designer kids wear are for all those parents who enjoy dressing them up and accessorizing them to match their ensemble or inspire the kids of their own style. And they are for totes adorable. Mugdha Art Studio (16)Paroksha Design House (31) Pink cow (1) Pink cow (3) Pink cow (9) Pink cow (27) Pink cow (38) Trisha Trends (58) Womans World (26) Yaksi Deepthi Reddy (79) Anitha Reddy (53) Anya designer studio (39) Azhag Designers (10) Basil Creation (35) Bhargavi Kunam design (167) Bhargavi Kunam design (187) Golden Threads hyd (3) Golden Window designer studio (43) Kamila Couture design (17) Little Princess (11) Mantra- The Design Studio (37) Mantra- The Design Studio (46) Pink cow (16)  

Credits : Anitha Reddy, Anya Designer, Azhag Designers, Basil Creation, Bhargavi Kunam Design, Golden Threads, Golden Window Designer Studio, Kamila Couture Design, Mantra Design Studio, Mugdha Art Studio, Neelima Naidu, Paroksha Design, Pink Cow, Studio Alpheus Photography, Trisha Trends, Woman's World, Yaksi Deepthi Reddy.