Jayam Ravi And Aarti Ravi - Giving Us Some Serious Couple Goals

Jayam Ravi And Aarti Ravi - Giving Us Some Serious Couple Goals

It has always been every couple's dream to be goals no matter at what point of life they dwell in. They try to be the best, wear the best and do nothing but the best. Whilst that being the case, we have a couple in the Tamil Cinema industry who've been goals since the day they've been married. They are none other than the most handsome actor, Jayam Ravi and his lady love, Aarti Ravi. It gives us utmost joy when we spot them at parties, weddings or any such social gatherings. They dress up smartly and are always complimenting each other in every way possible. Let's take a look at some of their most pristine looks and outfits that shall always be on the list of to-dos.

1. Aarti's simple yet mirror studded salwar is so much in love with Ravi's very simple white shirt and faded jeans that they just couldn't stand apart.

2. This look's the best. Ravi's smart suit compliments Aarti's gorgeous red saree and the overall look is complete with their heartfelt smiles.

3. The structured suit that Ravi is wearing is a proper match for Aarti's wonderful floral gown turned into a stylishly draped saree. Wow! Look at the combination!  

4. Oh my! This one's undoubtedly smoking hot. As Ravi stands raw in his sexy tux, Aarti takes the attention with her shimmery gown and her bold lips.

 5. This one's a simple party wear or a Sunday night out kinda outfit that both are slaying in. Simple yet will give you all the attention you deserve.

6. Ravi's dark maroon-ish kurta takes the place while Aarti's pastel lehenga does all the talking.

7. Black blends so well with pink and white and this picture is proof of that! Trust us on this!

8. Talk about colour co-ordinated outfit goals and here is one. These two cuties are totally slaying the look.

9. Going all black to black has been the most romantic and joyfully one of the most prime colours that all couples would want to slay in.

10. A red gown and a white shirt have seen love and attention that no other outfits before. This one's easily our favourite and we've kept the best for the last.

After all these slayer and killer looks, let's all touch some wood, shall we?