Makeovers To Resemble Your Favourite Film Star!

Makeovers To Resemble Your Favourite Film Star!

Everyone looks up to Film stars and admire the way they dress, wear makeup and carry themselves with grace, style, confidence and panache. If you love makeovers and are looking for someone who could deck you up like your favourite star, @sushiez# is the right place for you. They experts in styling and re-creating looks of your favourite actors and have the perfect team of makeup artists and hair stylists to make your dream look come alive! Here are a few of their beautiful makeovers.

Nothing like a perfectly made up fresh face look on anyone. A dab of the foundation that matches your skin, kohled eyes and blush for a pretty flushed finish along with classy lip colour in the shade of red or maroon gives the perfect look donned by the actresses in the pictures here.


Go retro and look stunning like Deepika Padukone and Nayanthara in the following pictures. Makeup has been done to make her complexion look dusky. Heavy bronzing and contouring is applied on the face. The rest of the face has been made up to look natural with nude lips and eye makeup.



They have achieved the ultimate dewy look by creating a clean matte finish look by using foundation and played up the eyes by using eye shadow and eyeliner, a slight pink hue on cheeks to finish off the entire effect. 

Want a sultry and sexy look, with your new makeover? They have the perfect look for you. They have used dramatic eye shadow and colours on the lids, heavy contouring and bold colours on the lip to make you look like a glam diva!