Must check out garland ideas for this season!

Must check out garland ideas for this season!

Ancient wedding rituals also propagate the exchange of garlands as a declaration of love and commitment. The modern rituals have again become increasingly simplistic and meaningful. To exchange a garland symbolizes the love and respect the groom and the bride have for each other. The sweet smelling ceremonial garlands were traditionally used in ancient swayamvars as a means for the bride to choose her beloved independently. Today the symbolism remains and the garlands are also a gorgeous embellishment to match the grandeur of the entire ceremony.



Love is in the air with weddings and roses in garlands, the bride and groom know no greater joy today!


Traditional weddings in an untraditional setting, but looking resplendent as ever with garlands and bridal finery!


And they lived happily ever after! The bride and groom with matching bouquets and garlands fashioned with the romantic baby’s breath flowers!


Beautiful and delicate, the bride is weighed down by the ornate garland of exotic flowers. The natural beauty of the flowers augments the beauty of the bride!


Sweet and simple is the best way to look blessed on your wedding day. Happiness is your jewellery on this big day!


Pearls and flowers make the best duo when it comes to wedding garlands. The bride and groom can keep the garlands for posterity!