Our Real Bride Savitha Reddy Is Back With More Designer Outfit Inspiration

Our Real Bride Savitha Reddy Is Back With More Designer Outfit Inspiration

Sisters are alike and they adapt qualities pretty similar to themselves. Such is the story of the designer sisters, Savitha Devaraj Reddy and Sandhya Kiran Reddy. Following her sisters steps to glory is Sandhya Kiran Reddy, a brilliant fashion designer who owns a boutique called “@the-silhouettes-boutique#”. The major goal of Sandhya is to make every bride look as astounding as possible to stand out from the crowd. 

The album contains pictures of the ravishing bride in her extra-ravishing designer wear custom-made by Sandhya Kiran Reddy for the big day. The makeup done by Susheela Gowda is so in collision with the mood of the event. Every dress worn by the bride, who also happens to be dear friend of Savitha's is a fairytale come true.

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Make your cliched pink sarees look extra-ordinary. Ditch the old style and go with the new one with cold shoulder blouses to look modern and ancient all at once!

Pink embroidery with a hint of sandal works. This salwar is a nice try for any girl who would love to go all pink with a twist.

A kurti accompanied by a skirt can never be blamed. Try this new look on you and get ready to experience some serious glances towards you.

Kalamkari prints are so much in vogue these days. Who would have thought that a plain grey skirt will go so well with a kalamkari print? Try this look for a simple yet elegant experience.

Peacocks are a major source of beauty. Why not try looking like one on your big day? Peacock feathers embellished on a crop top complimenting your plain skirts.

Want to look like a princess from the ancient world? This look answers all your queries. The blue and pink combo with the brilliant embellishments are a sure hit on your big day.