These Kids of Telugu Superstar Mohan Babu's Clan Will Steal Your Hearts With Their Style!

These Kids of Telugu Superstar Mohan Babu's Clan Will Steal Your Hearts With Their Style!

Padmashri Mohan Babu has always proven his mettle as an actor so it was only natural that his good genes get passed onto his kin. Yes, we are talking about his son and daughter Vishnu Manchu and Lakshmi Manchu. They carry themselves with unparalleled panache and style and have always been in the limelight for their incredibly good fashion sense!


Vishnu Manchu’s charming family consists of himself, Viranica his wife, his darling twin daughters and an adorable toddler son. And guess what? Viranica is pregnant with her fourth tiny tot and we cannot wait to see the baby!  

Vishnu Manchu’s wife too belongs to this fashion tribe and naturally, Mohan Garu’s grandkids are true blue fashionistas! With the advent of the Internet, Instagram and Facebook, sharing photos of our everyday lives has almost become a norm! And these kids are Insta-stars! She dresses her kids up in the choicest of clothes, and even their everyday looks are AMAZING that we ourselves can borrow a look or two from them!

We especially love when the kids are dressed in theme for special occasions! Scroll down to check what we are talking about!

How adorable are these twins in their traditional pattu- paavadai look?

Another eye-catching pattu-paavadai look in the brightest colours! 

Don't they look like real-life Disney princesses? We love their fluffy tutu gowns! 

Don't these cuties look adorable in their gorgeous contemporary outfits? 

This is a perfect cross between a traditional pattu-paavadai and a contemporary outfit! We LOVE the heavy kundan jewellery they have paired the outfit with!

These dimpled beauties make us wish Christmas came sooner with this beautiful frame! 

This truly is a picture-perfect family! We love how well Vishnu and Viranica balance family and work! 

One with the gorgeous dutiful mother! Isn't she a hands-on mum? 

We love how all their outfits are so well co-ordinated! 

The best crop-top skirt combo you will come across on the internet today! 

This is so adorable, we can't get enough!  

All the above photographs are sourced from Instagram/Pinterest