This Stunning Mom-to-be Is The Epitome of Perfection!

This Stunning Mom-to-be Is The Epitome of Perfection!

Baby showers are fast-becoming super popular amongst all moms-to-be. They are not just a celebration of the beautiful mom-to-be but also about announcing the happy news to the rest of the world via social media! Therefore, everything matters- their decor, jewellery, outfit, photography and the whole deal. Here's a stunning mom-to-be whose blouses were designed by the uber-talented folks at @mantra-the-design-studio#. All photographs below were shot by @studio-a# and team.





The pretty lass opted to wear what looked like a vaira oosi saree in beautiful hues of pink and violet and with a vintage touch to it! The dull gold border lifted the look of the saree completely!




We love her choice of layering jewellery and LOVE the statement choker she owned like a boss! Also, can you really get enough of this adorable pupper here? Just so adorable, we wanna eat him up!



The couple holding a photo of the ultrasound scan is becoming iconic in every maternity shoot and this couple sure do it in style!



Isn't her exquisitely designed blouse delightful? Love how the complementary white tones offset the saree, and the border is in the same colour of the saree, tying in the entire look together gloriously!



Oh, and how can we forget the checked pattern on the blouse with little embroidered kundan work in the middle! Beautifully goes with the stripes of the saree!



Also, notice the lovely beads, embroidery and kundan work on the sleeve border? Love the level of intricacy in this ensemble!