Top 12 Designer Studios In Coimbatore Are Showing The Brides What 'Wedding Trends' Are! - Part 1

Well, some fashion, a bit of tradition, a tweak of diva and a whole lot of style! That's what wedding trends are made of in words. You need to step into one of these Designer Studios to know how these designs are created and what it looks like on you! Get Ready! We've got stunner Designer studios in the house. Brides are going to love it!



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Anya- Where Tradition Meets Fashion is one of the best designer studios in Coimbatore. One look at their work and you will know why it's been a favourite stop for the Brides. As true as their tag-line goes, Anya has some amazing collections that makes Tradition meet Fashion in the most beautiful and artistic way possible.

Golden Window


golden 2 golden 3 golden window1

Designs from Golden Window are basically a step away from the usual. The best part however, from these well experienced designers is that, they've figured out ways to make their works fit in much better than the usual. Who wouldn't love that, right? You need to check out their stunningly gorgeous work!

Mantra- The Design Studio

Mantra 1

mantra4 mantra1 mantra3 mantra5 mantra 6

Mantra's intricate Bridal Blouse work, elegant Lehenga designs, perfect fits and stitches have never failed to put a smile on the faces of the Brides who approach them. Every bride is unique and Mantra seems to know their way with the styles that would suit every bride.



maliboo3 maliboo4 maliboo 1 maliboo 2

Strikingly intricate Bridal Blouse work that Maliboo has been providing its Brides with, has caught a lot of eyes. In just two years, Maliboo has hit heights with some of the stunner designs like a Swarovski studded jewel blouse and many more! Getting hyper already? You should definitely check it out!

Flair Design Studio


flair5 flair 6

With close to 3 decades of working with designs, Flair has been one of the top designers for brides in Coimbatore. They customize sarees, blouses, lehengas, indo-western wear and more. Flair has a loyal bunch of customers abroad too. They specialize in Bridal blouses and exquisite embroidery work.


Reya 2

reya1 reya2 reya3 reya4reya 6 reya 7 reya 8Helping women create their own style and trend that can only be unique for the individual, Reya is quickly winning a lot of �Bride-fans�! With exquisite work, one-of-a-kind collection and designs for the brides, looks like Reya is giving enough reasons for brides to fall in love with their work.

We'll catch you up with Part 2 soon..