10 Creatives Wedding Invites That Caught Our Eye

10 Creatives Wedding Invites That Caught Our Eye

You're getting married and you want everybody in on the good news. Why don't you move on from the same old boring invites that have been seen and forgotten by many since the beginning of time? Your family might want to keep the wedding cards traditional, but your friends would appreciate a card that reflects your personality, so set aside a different design for them, something more upbeat and fun. We bring you ten refreshing wedding invitations that caught our eye. 9 - 2

Typography Inspiration Now typography based cards are the vastest, they give you a lot of room for customisations. You can pick the fonts you would like to play around with and create something that makes both of you happy. 1

Be Her Superhero Superheroes never go out of fashion, especially superman. This invite can be switches with any other superhero both you and your significant other are fond of.


Be A Disney Princess Now every bride has dreamt of being a princess on her wedding day, then why shouldn't she have a wedding invite to match it. The Disney themed wedding invites can be really classy and elegant with minimalist designs. 3

Willy Wonka Golden Ticket We in India have a tradition of presenting sweets along with the wedding invite. Give that a magical twist with Willy Wonka Chocolate Bars from our childhood, it's cute and has a treat for everybody you invite. 4

Show them Your Story Now this is a really cute way to fill your friends in on your love story. You could add childhood pictures and even do a cute little pre-wedding photo shoot for your invites.


Design a 3D invite Attach a pair of fancy 3D glasses with your invite, you could customise the pattern to whatever you like and keep it in-sync with your wedding theme.


Pop Up with a Traditional Twist Pop up cards have become increasingly famous in the recent years, though they are usually used in greeting cards, nothing should stop you from experimenting with this idea for your wedding invitation. 7

Minimalist Work If you and your partner are the creative lot then you will love this form of invitation. It is artistic and graphically appealing. You could switch the watercolour with charcoal shading or bold colours to make it unique. 8

Be A Star For all those movie buffs out there who think they have found their happily ever after, this is your chance to make your silver screen appearance. Pick your favourite film, have a themed photo shoot with your partner and star in your very own love story. 9

Floral Designs Always Work Now floral designs will always remain elegant and sophisticated, they will never grow old and you can look at your wedding invitation after years with a sense of pride. You could customise the invite by adding contemporary or traditional essence to it. 10

Indianised version coming soon.....