15 Of Chennai’s Top-Notch Wedding Planners – Part 1

To-be-weds, if you are looking for that one amazing wedding planner to help you out with everything that spells wedding, here's a little guide to help you with that. Featuring the best, classic and unique Wedding planners of Chennai in no particular order.

The Dream Theme

Based in Chennai, The Dream Theme is an event planning studio specializing in event management experiences that delight allfive senses. Their team aims to maintain a boutique sensibility and a firm belief that they can provide an unparalleled level of service.

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The Knottt-Event Planners

School friends turned Co-founders who work side by side to support the beauty, emotion and artistry in the event community. They encourage their customers to find and celebrate their own personal style.12032191_523393057824567_603124649025910850_n

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Event Art

Run by professionals from the advertising and communications business  Lakshmi Ravichander (Anirudh Ravichander's Mom) and Saraswathi Krishnakumar, the company successfully provides end to end solutions for events, live shows, theme get-togethers, product launches and corporate communication activities. Wedding planning and execution is also handled by a specialized group. 12742692_971685762919990_6836400330241681977_n

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Vidya Gajapathi Raj Singh & Rekha R. Rangaraj, high-end, designer Wedding Planners give you the best whatever wedding it maybe. Formalizing decades of relevant free-lance experiences and over 200 weddings and events in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa, they've got the knack of doing it oh-so-perfectly.

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Marriage colours

Marriage Colours oversee your wedding planning so that, every small detail through to the bigger essentials, to ensure that every factor comes together with style and efficiency. They plan, perfect, and dream up all of the components of your special day and make sure that everything goes as planned.

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Mr.& Mrs.Balasubramaniam believe that no detail is too small for your big day. with their professional experience and industry knowledge they help conceptualize,design,organize and coordinate the sequence of events together for the smooth flow of your special day. 10984215_407440139455500_4058582650566408909_n

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The A cube project

An event design company with immensecreativity quotient. Based out of Chennai & Delhi. They insist that every event should have its own unique story.With Ambika Ankit Agarwal heading A-Cube, it is now completing 4 fruitful years in the industry.12509533_539687596199449_8674650850884076300_n


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Athithi a brainchild of 'Kalyanamalai Mohan' is a leading wedding planner and catering services provider for over 30 years. With a huge and notable clientele he has acquired over the years, no doubt he provides the best services in the city. 12752191_723549114411866_109899684_o 12787132_723549107745200_1572527977_o 12790164_723549117745199_59471106_o For more Planners on the list - Click Here