A Photographer's Delight! - Shruti &  Mihir Wedding - Shot Stories by Varun Suresh

A Photographer's Delight! - Shruti & Mihir Wedding - Shot Stories by Varun Suresh

I am pleased to introduce a new column, A Photographer's delight where we will be looking at weddings through the eyes of the photographer! Hope you relish the magical moments of these weddings! The first feature is the wedding shot by Varun Suresh, literally a riot of colours! Over to Varun! As we go by, we realize it is the little things that matter. This was one wedding where all those little things came together to create a beautiful hybrid wedding. It had elements from the ever so fun telugu and tambrahm weddings and the simplistic beauty of Malayali weddings. I would call this a Pinterest Wedding Indian style. Some people have wonderful taste and I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to document it. I hope you enjoy this set as much as I have enjoyed photographing it. Shruti_Mihir_013 Shruti_Mihir_023 copy Shruti_Mihir_029 copy Shruti_Mihir_031 copy Shruti_Mihir_034 copy Shruti_Mihir_036 copy Shruti_Mihir_037 copy Shruti_Mihir_042 copy Shruti_Mihir_045 copy Shruti_Mihir_050 copy Shruti_Mihir_056 copy Shruti_Mihir_066 copy Shruti_Mihir_075 copy Shruti_Mihir_093 copy Shruti_Mihir_095 copy Shruti_Mihir_097 copy Shruti_Mihir_104 copy Shruti_Mihir_105 copy Shruti_Mihir_115 copy Shruti_Mihir_124 copy Shruti_Mihir_126 copy Shruti_Mihir_133 copy Shruti_Mihir_157 copy Shruti_Mihir_161 copy Shruti_Mihir_168 copy Shruti_Mihir_176 copy Shruti_Mihir_192 copy Shruti_Mihir_207 copy Shruti_Mihir_237 copy Shruti_Mihir_245 copy Shruti_Mihir_256 copy Shruti_Mihir_259 copy Shruti_Mihir_273 copy Shruti_Mihir_279 copy Shruti_Mihir_290 copy Shruti_Mihir_299 copy Shruti_Mihir_302 copy Shruti_Mihir_306 copy Shruti_Mihir_325 copy Shruti_Mihir_347 copy Shruti_Mihir_350 copy Shruti_Mihir_359 copy Shruti_Mihir_371 copy Shruti_Mihir_380 copy Shruti_Mihir_396 copy Shruti_Mihir_417 copy Shruti_Mihir_421 copy Shruti_Mihir_425 copy Shruti_Mihir_436 copy Shruti_Mihir_452 copy Shruti_Mihir_497 copy Shruti_Mihir_507 copy Shruti_Mihir_537 copy Shruti_Mihir_641 copy Shruti_Mihir_658 copy Shruti_Mihir_676 copy Shruti_Mihir_714 copy Shruti_Mihir_730 copy Shruti_Mihir_736 Shruti_Mihir_743 copy Shruti_Mihir_751 copy Shruti_Mihir_755 copy Shruti_Mihir_778 copy Shruti_Mihir_821 copy Shruti_Mihir_827 copy Shruti_Mihir_863 copy Shruti_Mihir_921 copy Shruti_Mihir_924 copy