Photography of the month – September!

Photography of the month – September!

Hello Shopzters! Very rarely do we get to see a husband and wife complementing each other in the same profession. This month's feature is Soumya Radesh, a lady who with her remarkable confidence has forayed into the world of wedding photography.


Soumya Radesh started this beautiful career of a photographer as a helping hand to her husband Radesh., a freelance photographer, in his assignments. Her passion for photography grew with each assignment and at present she is on her own with unconditional support and encouragement from her husband. Soumya's romance with the colour, grandeur, glitz, amazing feelings and expressions of the weddings prompted her to take up photography as her profession.


Radesh completed his diploma in Fine Arts from the College of Arts, Trichur. He started his career as a Game Art Designer and worked with various game/software companies in different capacities. However, it is his interest in photography that has taken him to most of the places in India to cover various events and activities.


Life is indeed beautiful and every moment, though different, is precious and memorable and also close to our hearts. But as time passes, these memories fade away but we as photographers keep them alive. We capture every moment of joy and happiness with perfection so that they remain to be cherished memories all through the lives of people.

4 Weddings are our speciality and passion. Along with fascinating colours, we also utilize black and white films to capture the special moments of the special day. This in fact allows us to capture the nostalgia in a beautiful story telling format. Our contemporary photography sessions capture the personality of our subjects through unique and casual poses using simple props and backgrounds. Longer sessions, numerous poses and immediate viewing of video proofs  we are able to deliver our clients professional portraits that will be treasured for generations.

Our Service portfolio includes: Portraits, Fashion, Candid, Events  Rituals.

5 Currently, we are travelling all across India and now looking forward to opportunities which will take us beyond the boundaries of India. We thank all our clients and friends for supporting us in every possible way.

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