Questions every Indian bride-to-be has to deal with!

Questions every Indian bride-to-be has to deal with!

Marriage is the most special day to any bride. Awaiting your special day can be thrilling, wondrous, special experience. But if you get hold of a bride-to-be, she will tell you things you normally wouldn't hear. Here's a list of annoying, even personal questions brides have told us they absolutely hated being asked (unfortunately, they very often are!) and the answers brides wished they could say out loud ;) :P'It even makes devils of pretty divas sometimes, let's see why.  

Are you sure about this?

Nope, not sure at all. In fact I needed you to speak these magic words to me this moment. And just to be clear, by this you do mean the biggest decision of my life (marriage), right? Good glad we are on the same page.


Aren't you a little young to be getting married?

Age is but a number. Now, walk away slowly before I kill you with my glare.


So what plans after marriage???

Hmm let's see. I'm going to fly a jet, party with George Clooney and buy an island off the Caribbean coast.


Where did you buy your wedding dress?

Oh, I bought it at XYZ store. And you know how I remember that? Because this is the 675th time I'm answering this question. I'm pretty sure I know every stone, every thread and every stitch in this dress better than my own life. Yes XYZ, you should thank me for all the publicity!


Are you planning to work after marriage or?

Maybe. Maybe not. Suspense!


Are you on any special diet?

Uh oh Do I look plump in this dress? Well, thank you unfamiliar relative. Thank you for terrorizing brides, your efforts are acknowledged. 


And just when they thought it couldn't get worse, it does. Surprise, surprise!  
How many kids are you guys planning on having? 

How that is any of your business, dear friend of second-cousin's wife who I have never ever met before, I'll never know. I'm going to have 17 children. Problem?


It's a surprise they field such difficult questions and still manage a perfect Kodak-smile for photos and selfies on their big day! So let's be more understanding of our hard-working Indian brides and forgive that mental monologue, yeah?