Things To Do With Your Wedding Money

Things To Do With Your Wedding Money

Overwhelmed by the amount of love and money you received on your wedding day? No problem. We know ways in which you can go on a fun spree in these cool ways to spend off all that money! We guarantee you will have exhausted your money, but will still be more satisfied than anyone out there.

1. Treat yourself!

Those brilliant pair of Steve Madden shoes that you loved. The time has finally come for you to throw caution to the wind now that you're fuelled up. Run and grab them, they're all yours!


2. Buy things for your home

Admit it, women are born planners. Whether it's deciding a theme for the house or picking out a curtain that goes with your shades, we just somehow do colour and design way better than men. So use this chance to start decorating your home just way you'd like it!


3. Hit the road!

Nothing is better than taking a well-deserved break and treating yourself to a vacation. Wear your vacation wear, pack in the sun-block and whisk your love away to hit the road. You know won't regret it!


4. Splurge to get that fabulous look you always wanted

Getting that air-brushed red carpet-look all by yourself can be daunting! But with a little bit of extra dough on you, you could walk into a good parlour and just point at a magazine. Watch as the magic unfolds!


5. Investing can be fun

Who said investing had to always be about stocks, bonds and deposits? You could just walk into that snazzy jewellery store you saw on TV. You know you secretly wanted those pair of gold earrings and that diamond earring ever since. So go get your sparkle on!


6. Binge-snack and chill at home

If spending money isn't your cup of tea, then that's fine too. You can put that money in a bank or under your safety pillow, grab a pack of chips and just chill at home.


7. Giving back

Although it doesn't seem like an obvious choice, giving back can make you feel really awesome. With all the gifts, shopping and spotlight flooding your way it's okay to give away some of your wedding money to people who really need it. Find a cause or charity you care for, it really makes you feel like a superhero!