Start Up Spotlight - Zomint!

Start Up Spotlight - Zomint!

I indeed know how much struggle a start up goes through before it reaches a certain level of prominence. We wanted to encourage and do the little we can to help such start ups and hence the blog series Start Up Spotlight, which tends to bring such companies to the limelight! Zomint is an online jewellery gifting website that was started with a mission to change the way diamond jewellery is gifted in India. It is run and managed by a young energetic team of passionate professionals with unsurpassed expertise in ecommerce. is a startup promoted by new generation entrepreneurs budding as 3rd generation founders Akshaya Ravi and Prajeet Krishna.


We offer a large collection of Diamond jewellery, Gold coins and Premium Edition Products including the Gold Pyramid. Our business model helps our customers save up to 25% in comparison to retail prices. Like all online businesses, we derive strength from having low overheads and low inventory cost.


Zomint Mission: Over the past 2 decades people of Indian origin across the globe have been exponentially raising as the Indian professionals demand abroad grows. While living abroad the promoters felt the unmet need of gifting to their near and dear ones in India for many occasions. To address this need we developed a trusted portal that aims to help the millions of Indians abroad to gift gold and precious items to their loved ones in India.


Nothing can match the value of face to face gifting experience, but one can always go close to that experience and that's what we at assume as our goal and commitment. Personalized, timely delivery of Zomint is what carries their customers emotions that will change the definition of gifting across the globe. Zomint thrives to add a touch of emotion to your gift that can add value to all your relationship. We believe in delivering emotions. Website : ( Please mention Shopzters)