Various Emotions at a South Indian Wedding

Various Emotions at a South Indian Wedding

Weddings on a whole are very capable of taking you on quite an emotional ride! Starting from the big 'Engagement Announcement', with friends screeching out and jumping about being happy for you, to the anxious 'Building Up' of the wedding scene, to wondering what it would be like to be married soon to the man of your dreams! Well did we just spill it all out too much in just few words? Well let's just slow down the scenes for now and get a little sneak-peak of the smiles, tears and the in-betweens at a South Indian Wedding!  

Lit-Up Smile and Love2

Let's just skip the never ending shopping and planning shall we? Fast forwarding into the actual wedding scene, the entire house lights up, literally! You won't even find a private place to sneak in that phone call with your fiance. It's like you're on spot light and the entire family doesn't even feel bad to shower a whole lot of love and attention on you right now! What more do you need to take those wedding jitters off of you? You get that extra bone of confidence from all that love.

Tinge of Blush3

One Bing on your phone and a blush on your face, the people around you would already know who just pinged you. On Thousand things on your To Do list, this quick blush and love moments are definitely top priorities! Don't bother denying, we know ;)  

Family Bonding4

Credits: Zero Gravity So here comes the adult-ing part at the wedding, making sure both the brides and the grooms families get along. Clearly both the families pitch in on thoughts, conversations and how things would go. A slight anxious thought of how it would come out isn't harmful at all. But here's the bright side, don't stress out on that, the families want the best for you and couldn't be happier. Just enjoy watching them crack-up on conversations over chai! Beautiful light hearted moments you'd want to cherish always.  

All Smiles for The Day!


Starting from the time you wake up, (if you've managed to sleep the night before your wedding) to the time you could finally see cameras off your face, it's going to be a frozen smile all around you! Everyone seem to enjoy and live in the moment because, let's be honest, you don't want to be caught grumpy on a camera!  

The Knot Moment6

That most important moment when knots are going to be done for a life-time bond, is impeccably beautiful. The entire hall of people and well wishes with heartfelt wishes and blessings can clearly be seen on their faces. While no one can still imagine the overwhelming waves of feelings the Bride and the Groom are going through, they'll always be cherished. Tears out of the happiness, which this moment times-in shouldn't be a surprise at all.  

Leaving the Nest Here comes the difficult bunch of emotions at every wedding. While different cultures have different ways of seeing the Bride off with her new family, no one would ever deny the little piece of heart breaking hugs and kisses exchanged while the Bride leaves her own family to be with her newly married husband and making his family hers from then on.


All said and done, the ride of emotions doesn't just end there. The newly married couple still has so much of life ahead to experience and explore and their emotions at the wedding couldn't give a better start-off!

The Final Scene! Emotions at a south indian  This is funny, but not so funny when your friends are giving you the 'you're so going down' giggles at your got to get through with it anyway. Good Luck!