Travel Trends Are Taking A Shift! – Honeymoon Trends 2016

Travel Trends Are Taking A Shift! – Honeymoon Trends 2016

We've got some interesting news on the best Honeymoon Spots for the year 2016. Views from Travel Experts have greatly helped us get more of the things to do that are epic but might go unnoticed with the rest of the plans on an itinerary. Pavithra, who has been travelling from when she was in school and is now helping with her dad's Travel Agency, Pavithram Travels, has some amazing information on some of the Honeymoon Spots. She gave us a little insight on the things that can help make the best memories if you're planning on a honeymoon in one of the romantic places listed below, that couples are keen on opting for. Apart from these places, we still have more Travel Updates to help you with picking your Honeymoon Spot. So watch this space closely!

Phuket, Thailand:

This place has been one of the most preferred honeymoon spots for couples recently. According to Pavithra, the lagoons, affordable calm stay, stunning landscapes attract visitors. Who wouldn't love it?

phuket-1 phuket-2 phuket-3

Pavithra advises a 6 nights and 7 days stay for any Thailand trip package. Apart from the day on the Itinerary when the couple get to explore on their own, she advises the couple to stick to the group. That way they get to do many things around the city too. The couple should make sure to explore some of the sugarcane fields in Phuket, experience some Parasailing, Scuba diving and Snorkeling while they are there, says Pavithra. A glass boat ride is another must do.

As for shopping, Bangkok is the best stop. The 'tuk-tuk' (Auto rickshaw) is such a touristy thing to do when in Bangkok. Souvenirs like scarves, wooden carvings, bamboo decors are popular in Thailand. Foodie couples should try the street food along the busy streets of Thailand. A classy dinner at a skyscrapper or the popular river cruise with dinner, every couple must try!


Resorts that mark territories on the sea with cottages build on it, is one of the most popular features and spaces that can make one instantly fall in love with Maldives!

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives maldives-2maldives-3

Maldives is also known for its world's first underwater restaurant in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island .

To get to the actual islands is in itself an epic start! Pavithra mentioned that the two ways you can get to the island is either by Sea Plane which might be a bit more expensive than the Sea Boat.

Dance and Candlelight dinners on the shores of the beach are again a marvel and something that couples can bond over. Sea food is popular here. Budget friendly hotels are available too.


With beautiful landscapes, calming air, peaceful views, Mauritius is easily the best and trending honeymoon attraction. The popular '7 Colored Earth' is more than just pretty. Its soulful vibes make an ideal get-away for couple who love to be away from all the city buzz!

mauritius-2 mauritius-3

The place is known to have very friendly local people. Lovely sugarcane plantations are a must explore. Souvenirs from here are mostly just unique saplings. Mauritius is also another popular place for sea food.

The most exciting thing you get to do here in Mauritius is organizing a dinner evening with family. Now that, would be an amazing memory you'd want to hold on to for a life time. Another 'Must Do' is a candlelight dinner in a submarine. Mesmerizing sites and enjoying the beauty of the under-sea, who wouldn't want that?


Sri Lanka is a pocket friendly honeymoon destination. Beautiful beach stays and tranquil hillside views are some of the best reasons why couples should travel to this place at least once. A place that has been famous for Buddhist Temples and stunning architecture is best experienced with an eight day stay, according to Pavithra.

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The trip should be a combination of a beach stay, hill getaway and some more on the travel itinerary. Resort or cottage stays are the best.

While you're there, try and shop for bright colored long skirts and other small souvenirs.

Sri Lankan cuisine is quite unique with colored rice (saffron rice, mint rice) that are very differently flavored are a highlight.