Wedding Shoots With Fun Props- A Creativity Tweak!

Wedding Shoots With Fun Props- A Creativity Tweak!

There is no fun without Props and some crazy faces at a shoot. Honestly, filling up the frame with more fun things, be it a post or pre Wedding Shoot or a Shoot during the Wedding is way better than the normal posing pictures. Be creative and make time for a Shoot with props. They can be as simple as a colorful umbrella or those glasses bigger than our faces or those stick pros with messages stuck on! The more creative the Props get, the more fun and memorable you shoot could turn out to be. Here are some shots to tweak your creativity!

1. Bring in those huge cool-looking glasses, make some fun faces!

Props Shoot 1

Picture Credits: Woodpecker Photography

2.Taking creative ways to make announcements to a whole new level! Think of creative sign boards like these! Sure fun to watch on the frame.

Props Shoot 2


3. A costume change would also help brighten up the shooting sessions.

Props Shoot 3

Picture Credits: Aa Photography

4. An old school style theme and props that could actually narrate a story in a frame could also be an amazing Photo-Shoot idea!

Props Shoot 4

Picture Credits: Aa Photography

5. Colorful Frames are also fun ways to bring more action to the posing time! Couple who love to pose could come up with more of these!

Props Shoot 5

Picture Credits: Coffee Stains

�6. More the people, better the fun! More fun? More props!

Props Shoot 6

Picture Credits: Coffee Stains

7. Cutest stories can only be told in a shot with the help of some props. Doesn't this make you want to guess the story already?

Props Shoot 7

Picture Courtesy: Creative Wedding Photography

8. No props? That's alright! Get ideas to just play around with colors. Like, literally!! Such colorful shots can be done in no time!

Props Shoot 8

Picture Courtesy: Creative Wedding Photography

9. One's got to love these theme parties!! Hawaiian theme does require props that indicate that the couple is on a jolly fun mode to celebrate love!

Props Shoot 9

Picture Courtesy: Studio A

10. This is one awesome fun frame! Colorful and crazy looking head gears add so much happiness to the shots!

Props Shoot 10

Picture Courtesy: Mystic Studios