5 Braid Styles To Experiment With This Wedding Season

5 Braid Styles To Experiment With This Wedding Season

Brides have finally moved on from the traditional braid and begun experimenting with different variations. Even if the change is small, new aspects are being added to the braid hairstyles that have become increasingly popular at Mehendi and Sangeet functions. The Fishtail - You might have experimented with this braid during your school years, but it still looks good and is evergreen. And since it isn't very elaborate, it is easy to handle and can be decorated with tiny flowers and jewelled pins according to your preferences. However, if you have thin hair this might not be a good choice unless you add extensions.

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The Tiara Now this isn't a braid by itself, but beginning a braid across the crown can add a make-shift tiara to the beautiful bride. It can then be continued into a messy bun or extended into a braid, whichever seems convenient to you. In the case of a bun, it can be continued across the head and can be accessorised with a delicate flower or jewelled tiara depending on the function. 11988766_1053899594628819_8144371700958464020_n

The Volume Braid This hairstyle is the traditional thick braid accompanied with a puff to add volume. Since the primary focus of this braid is on the volume and thickness of the hair, if you chose this then go for extensions to maximise the effect. Decorate your braid with trails of flowers or even poojadai, this type of braid looks good with almost anything.

The Messy One An ideal choice for functions like Sangeet, solely because it looks great with floral jewellery. It adds a carefree vibe to your outfit and should be your first choice in case of destination weddings that involve beaches and such. Not for every bride, pick this only if you are confident about it and are willing to experiment. 12240206_745985578879308_7340736391202914366_o

The Milkmaid Braid Pick this style if you want to go for the sophisticated and sheek look. In this he braid is made in the standard way and then wrapped across the head, ending with a pinned bun. You could add flowers to the bun in the centre, roses and jasmine go well with this hairstyle. 05 13254398_512083115659746_8355388915104696427_n   Pictures' Credits : Gopinath Yaschica, Vijay Raghavan, Ayush Kejriwal, Kapil Photography & Pinterest