5 New Invitation Trends To Try

5 New Invitation Trends To Try

Invitations are more than just details on a card these days! They have become fun, grand and quirky these days! From delivering gift boxes along with cards to sending Video invitations, it's a whole new ball game these days. Please read on, and know the latest trends in Invitations from Ramya Ramasamy of Kards.

Caricature Invitations: A custom caricature card is guaranteed to be a huge hit for your wedding. Dress up the to-be-weds in quirky choice of outfit, pose and background. You can even make it 'filmy' by recreating your favorite movie poster pose. Caricature2_Kards Caricature3_Kards Caricature1_Kards Video Invitations: Excite your guests with a wedding trailer video humming your favorite music in the background. They are well suited for today's digital age and can be easily shared on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. Capture and animate special moments from your life such as the first meeting, surprise proposal or add your favorite pre-wedding shoot pictures to the video to bring a unique appeal.

Create Monograms/Wedding Logos: Custom monograms/Logos are very popular these days to get a signature look to not only your invitation, but to your entire wedding. Create a monogram that is representative of who you are. You can use this logo on your invitation cover, wedding favors and your wedding website. Monogram1_Kards Monogram2_Kards Laser Cut invitations: Use laser cut techniques to accent your wedding invitation. An invitation can be entirely laser cut (or) just partially accented with laser cut elements. Play with contrasting colors and unique illustrations to make your laser cut spectacular. Add a laser cut peacock, or add rounding corners to make your invitation stand out. Lasercut2_Kards Lasercut3_Kards Lasercut1_Kards Think out of the Square box: If you really want to have something unique in your invitation, forget getting the same old square/ rectangular shape invitations. Go unique and choose frame like cutouts for your invite to make it different.Uniqueshape1_Kards Uniqueshape2_Kards

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