8 Trending Hanging Decor Ideas You Can't Afford To Miss

8 Trending Hanging Decor Ideas You Can't Afford To Miss

Gone are the days when weddings were an indoor event, a simple gathering or one day thing. They have become bigger and better, and we love it! One thing that has taken a prettier turn is outdoor decorations. While most stick to flowers, others have become innovative and opulent. Apart from flowers, we see quirky usage of frames, bulbs, mirrors and what not! These decorations elevate the event and are amazing places to get your picture clicked on too! So if you are about to get married, and are dying to have amazing outdoor decorations, get ready to be inspired ?

Lights The ultimate outdoor decoration! Late evening parties and functions cannot be done in the dark, so obviously we need light. Yes we get that, but the way the place lights up, that is amazing! Quirky usage of Sodium Bulbs, Kerosene Lamps, LED lights are so good! It lights up the ambience (Pun intended) and they are amazing photo spots! Lights1Lights3Lights2

Flowers Roses, Marigold, Carnation, Magnolia, Jasmine and Lotus. No, we are not listing the types of flowers we know, but these are just some of the majorly used flowers for decoration in our Country. So imagine the combinations and varieties we get! Flower decorations are a must in all weddings, and going by those pictures, they will continue to hold the spot! Flowers1

Bottles : Who knew recycled bottles could brighten up any place so well! They make perfect stands for a small bunch of flowers and the effect is so adorable! Bottles2Bottles1Bottles3

Umbrellas : They are unique and are not seen in a lot of weddings! They are used not only on the ceiling, but on the ground as well. The fact that they come in a huge array of colours is just an added advantage! Umbrella3Umbrella2 Lanterns Lanters, or Chinese Lanterns give an otherworld appeal to your wedding! We have seen weddings that end with the couple and their relative's fire up Chinese Lanterns, and the effect of those floating lights is magical. Lanterns2Lanterns3Lanterns1

Crystals : Apt for morning functions, these things just add that extra sparkle to any event! The plethora of colours that they display when the sun hits them in that perfect angle is amazing. A curtain of crystals is a must for any wedding! Crystals1Crystals2Crystals3

Bells : Wind Chimes are generally kept at houses because the sound they make brings prosperity. What better way to have that effect on a wedding other than using bells! Bells1Bells3Bells2

Parrots : Parrots, whether they are made of paper of plastic are very cute when used as a prop for decoration. They give a one-with-nature feeling which is the basic idea for outdoor weddings! These pictures will give you ideas on how to use parrots for your wedding. Parrots2Parrots1  

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