A Little Nudge To Experiment On Some Eye-Make up!

A Little Nudge To Experiment On Some Eye-Make up!

They say eyes are the windows to your soul. One thing about the eyes, apart from being the first things someone notices in a person, they are tell a thousand stories of happiness and of love. If you're one of those brides who are very particular about neatly done and highlighted eyes, you should also be brave enough to give shots at experimenting different twists in eye make-up. While it is important to stick to your color theme or colors that could blend, there is no harm in aiming for attractive eye-make- up. Here's some idea on ways to try out new trending eye-make-up.   1. Try blending in lighter shades and do not forget to give it a bold touch too. It is alright if you're not experimenting with the lines but the fillers need to sync with your Wedding attire too.

Eye-Make-up 1 Photo Courtesy : Amar Ramesh

2. Longer lashes, bright vibrant colors and contrasts to fill-in can only mean trending eye make-up styles are coming to life!Eye-Make-up 2 Photo Courtesy : Big Day Events

3. Try the kind of colors that compliment your skin tone. Glitter or no glitter, shades that brighter up your face are sure a sight to be admired. Make the shades from bold to soft to highlight the exact shades.

Eye-Make-up 3

Photo Courtesy : Amar Ramesh

4. Smokey eye-finish gives a total trendy touch to the eyes, done with any sort of contrast colors. It also needs the right shade blends on the eye-lids. Eye-Make-up 4 Photo Courtesy : Amar Ramesh

5. Shades that hold the subtle touch to match with theme colors or outfit colors add the extra glow and complete the entire make-up art that has been worked on. It doesn't have to shout out loud, soft lines and right amount of spark to it does the magic. 

 6. More than a lot of shades along the same family of colors, opposites and contrasts have a way with make-up. This picture proves why contrasts that compliment and even highlight on your skin tone are the best way to work new styles with eye make-up. This being just an example could inspire to try contrasts with different shades.Eye-Make-up 6 Photo Courtesy : Priya Vision Photography

7. Another beautiful contrast of shades that are bold and blend the exact amount on the bride. Before letting your make-up artist try new styles, make sure you're open to trendy looks that also fit in with your Wedding Outfit.Eye-Make-up 7 Photo Courtesy : Priya Vision Photography