A Pre-Wedding Shoot On Moving Waters in God's Own Country!

A Pre-Wedding Shoot On Moving Waters in God's Own Country!

"Breathtaking landscapes, endless greens, moving waters, constant breeze, occasional drizzles and two loving souls' - What more can a photographer ask for? A pre-wedding photo-shoot can't get better than this. Set on the serene locations of Kerela, Vamsi and Havishya made us doubt more than twice on their marriage being an arranged one. Such was the ease and chemistry they shared. The amount of time, mind and space they offered us was amazing. The phase before the marriage is a real special feeling. We wanted to bring out all the drama, vibes, dance, emotions and more that goes around in the mind of the loved ones, with their big day round the corner. We planned to do it with three concepts.

FROZEN TIME ON MOVING WATERS - the boat series reflecting the beauty of contradictions and coincidences

TWO SOULS, ONE UMBRELLA - the umbrella series reflecting the chemistry they share

THE DANCE AND DRAMA OF LOVE  the kathakali series refelcting the vibes of their dreams"

Take a look at these signature shots by Studio A. We are sure that you will love them as much as we did. 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-030 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-037 20150814-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-166 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-045 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-042 Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A005-7312 Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A005-7394-Edit Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A005-7412-Edit Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A005-7435 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-099 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-107 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-109 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-111 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-114 Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A005-7517 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-130 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-132 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-135 Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A005-7555 Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A005-7526 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-155 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-159 20150804-Vamsi & Havishya_Outdoor-A001-161