An Offbeat Wedding Venue Near Chennai!

An Offbeat Wedding Venue Near Chennai!

Getting married soon?? Hunting for an unconventional wedding venue?? This is the right place for you then. It is simply soaked in tradition and the ambience is so good. Happy to feature Rina's venue - a dreamer's paradise!

Away from the noise and craziness of Chennai, Rina built a house that is tucked away, surrounded by nature. It is a replica of a traditional south Indian style house which is built on 6000 square feet of a beautifully landscaped garden. Old wooden pillars invite you inside this charming house with old red oxide flooring and a courtyard in the centre. Each and every piece of art and sculpture was handpicked by Rina, from Raja Ravi Vermas framed on the walls to the brass lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Further, the house also boasts carved wooden doors to an inviting swing, it all feels like you are in another world.

This house is has a homely vibe and is just not another venue as it was built by Rina and her family as a four bedroom home for them to live in. The first event which took place here was her son Vikram's wedding. Rina's attention to detail and her organizational skills were well appreciated. She realized that she actually enjoyed the whole experience and as a result she embarked on this journey.

Today, this venue transforms itself for whatever occasion that comes its way. Rina and her team give personal attention, welcome new ideas, and try to make each event memorable. This venue is situated on the East Coast Road and Rina's Venue is flanked by the ISKON temple on one side and a canal on the other; both contribute a serene neighbourhood. As you drive in, you see sprawling gardens surrounding the house and a small pond. Rina's Venue also has individual bedrooms with large and modern bathrooms for times like weddings to house the guests. There is ample parking space and the quaintness of the place will transform the whole experience into a memorable one.


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Rina's Venue