Boutique of the month - January'15!

Boutique of the month - January'15!

Want to buy sarees this Pongal? Parijat Collections, an online business that deals only with traditional Indian wear for women, will deliver it to you! Continue reading to find out how they started and how much they have grown! 10622904_925705600780418_1082839158978029835_n �Parijat Collections� was conceived on February, 2013 as a simple Facebook business to sell women�s clothing. To be honest, the genesis of the idea was curiosity rather than huge ambition. It all started as a hobby. We started by selling cotton sarees and hand block printed salwar materials. Initially, it was slow, customers were appreciative but apprehensive of buying clothes online let alone on a social network. But we were hopeful and in a couple of months we had made some sales that led to us branching into custom made sarees. This is the point where we realized that what started as a hobby has evolved into something important. All thanks to our customers and followers who really showed interest and gave purpose for us to move forward.10885493_924007604283551_8465139286293704333_n On a personal front, we faced challenges that forced us to give up on what we developed so far. But it acted as a catalyst that gave us the strength and resolve to hold our ground. Facebook gave us the means to connect with customers from world over and this opened up various opportunities. parijat As our business slowly grew, there was a definite need to differentiate from the already crowded and competitive market. So we started looking into Silk cotton and Silk Sarees. But there were already prominent names in the online circles and not to mention the established retail players who are selling their products online. 10301416_935351359815842_1962942557574777313_n We observed and noticed that most online sales of these Sarees were very basic in that there was no set professional approach in the presentation of the products. All the sarees were promoted with either amateurish or obscure pictures. In essence, we needed our products to stand out above the rest; this was of priority since we don't have any other means like a shop to sell our goods. This was our gateway and we needed to be ahead on something. So equipped with some knowledge on photography, we disciplined our approach towards the presentation.


Each and every saree in our inventory is photographed individually in all necessary angles and we took extra care to replicate the color as close as possible. It has worked wonders with our business and this disciplined approach instills trust in our customers. From the, there has been no looking back for us. This approach has not stopped with the presentation part alone, it continues with the entire sale too. 1555329_920611224623189_494137214507537979_n Once you initiate a sale with us, it's a promise that we ship the product within one business day, we never drop ship and we keep you updated till the order reaches your doorstep. This approach has earned us prominence among the online fraternity. We are very happy and humbled to have had some wonderful customers to serve whose continued interest in us makes our work special. We were amazed at the enthusiasm overseas for traditional Sarees, which subsequently resulted in three exhibitions (One in Singapore, Two in Malaysia). The response was very good and hopefully more will follow. parijat3 All this positive response and the need to continuously expand has led us to open our own online shopping portal, having all our exclusive collection in one place. It's been nearly 6 months since we have gone live and the response has been very good. With nearly 500 registered users and 12,000 unique visits per month and growing, it's been a learning experience for us. 10686921_920612054623106_7365268218844324902_n From a multitude of payment options to speedy shipping to using reputed logistics (Fedex, Gati, Speed Post, Blue dart) to shipping worldwide, we are committed to delivering a professional and smooth shopping experience. As in any field or business, there is an inherent need to continuously grow and expand, that we can only do by giving the customers the best ever product and the experience to buy it. parijat2 In this age of e-commerce and aplenty, uniqueness of your give lends you some recognition and the professionalism you imbue in your work lends you the respect. That is the ethics on which we base our passion and the rest is up to the end user to decide and value us.

Address: 55/27,Rajendra prasad road,hastinapuram,above axis bank,Chrompet,Chennai-600044.

Contact No: 09962794629


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