Bridal Sarees, The Gaurang Shah Way! - Real Brides And Experiences!

Bridal Sarees, The Gaurang Shah Way! - Real Brides And Experiences!

We had just posted Tripti's wedding story, when we were surprised to get an ecstatic note from one of our brides-to-be Monica Raj! This buoyant girl was so excited cos she had just picked the same saree for her wedding! Here goes the note! You can smell the excitement!!!

'My wedding is in April and I just bought my saree from Gaurang Shah and the same saree has been featured in Shopzters! Mixed feelings!!

Its nice to see it and thank you for posting it! It is Kaladhvani khanjii pattu from Hyderabad, Gaurang Shah's Bridal collection! 3 colours were available; purple, orange and red and I chose the red one! There were 2 ranges in this collection. One was 1 lakh 38k, made of gold threads and the other one was 87k, made of silver threads. I bought the silver and I must say, I am head over heels in love with it!!'

'I personally love Gaurang's collection a lot because he is a trendsetter of hand woven sarees with his unique jamdani weaving techniques and he mixes and matches western and classic style together which creates eloquent sarees with a vibrant touch... Makes the bridal wear even more special I would say! I guess that's why we people go gaga over it... And I must say his sarees are so light in weight which is super easy to carry on our big day though Kanchipuram has loads of goodies in them... I personally loved Gaurang's collections, a lot of which showcases we are all his showstoppers as the sarees look super stunning!! Makes us to own one in our life time!!'

When we asked her why she chose 'red', she quipped, ' Guess the saree chose me...' When I tried it on, everyone was awestruck saying I should definitely pick this one and Of course, I loved it too because I love earthy colours and ultimately, I did!

Here's how our bride Tripti selected her wedding saree!

'Since I am a South Indian from Mangalore we wear Kanchipuram saree for the ceremony. So, I was looking for the perfect color that would suit me. I always was a fan of the famous actor Kiran Kher's sarees. She always wore Gaurang Shah's creation.'

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Before I went to India to start shopping I got to know that Gaurang Shah was exhibiting in Dubai. So, me and mom went to check out his bridal collection just to have an idea of the price and colors. As soon as I got there I saw this beautiful bright red saree with peacock print. I wasn't sure of how a red would look on me but he draped the saree on me and I absolutely loved it. That was the first saree I ever tried for my wedding. But I didn't want to decide on it so soon. I wanted to go to India and look for more sarees and see what everyone has to offer. He himself suggested I go around in India and look and then decide to buy my saree because it was my wedding saree. Though I had my heart on that particular saree I did go around in Bangalore and Chennai but didn't find a saree that was better than what I saw. So I went to Gaurang's store in Bangalore and asked them to get me the same saree and luckily they had that one ready for me.'

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Hello there, we would love to hear stories of how you chose your wedding saree and why you chose them. So if you were as thrilled as Tripti and Monica about your wedding sarees, please do send it across to us!