Choose Your Lehenga According To Body Shape

Choose Your Lehenga According To Body Shape

On your wedding day, put some thought into the outfit that'll define one of the most awaited days of your life. You don't want to look too broad, too thin or too voluptuous, especially when it can be avoided by just picking the right type of lehenga that'll suit your body type and not just that, even flatter it.

Banana  For those who have a skinny figure, your aim is to create curves or at least the illusion that they exist. So accentuate your narrow waist by choosing a short choli, along with a full flare wide skirt. This will look like you have wider hips and also focus on your fine feature, your thin waist. Also, go for a low neckline, which will show off your collar bones.


Strawberry A strawberry figure is when your upper half of the body, mainly your breasts are heavy compared to your narrow waist and slim hips. Now in this case, go for a really wide neckline as well as deep. Also, layering will help you, so go for a jacket choli or a corset with jacket.


Apple If your weight is evenly distributed and heavy around your hips and waist, then you have an apple figure. Go for a sharara type lehenga, or with parallels, choose a fluid fabric that will fall flatteringly. Pair this with a long top that covers your hips.


Pear Girls with wide hips and narrow shoulders have a pear shaped body. Your aim is to shift the focus away from your hips, so go for a skirt that is flared, with heavy ends so it draws attention away from your hips. For your top, go for something heavily embroidered, experiment because your upper body is your strongest point.


Hourglass An hour glass figure is when you have the typical 36-24-36 measurements, a narrow waist and curves in all the right places. An hourglass figure has nothing to worry about since everything will look good on you. Pick something that you're the most comfortable in and flaunt it.