Ella Ella. Umbrellas Everywhere! Thank You Chennai Rains & Summer!

Ella Ella. Umbrellas Everywhere! Thank You Chennai Rains & Summer!

These Colorful Umbrellas are a thing now, thanks to Chennai Rains! It's beautiful to watch the streets starting to get a vibe when these umbrellas are pulled into the air even at the slightest trace of the rain. This could probably be the best time to include some Umbrella Shots in your couple shoot too!   The classic combination of Rains and Umbrellas!  Rainbow Umbrellas and happy smiles at a couple shoot! Umberella Shots 1

When it's raining and they've learnt to dance through it. Umberella Shots 2

Promising colors and vibrant skies to compliment the umbrella! A sight indeed. Umberella Shots 3

Along the idea of crossing lines and frames. Silhouette shots with umbrellas as a prop sure does wonders to the shot! Umberella Shots 4

Even the skies hushed down and let love light up in no time. Umberella Shots 5

With a cute Umbrella and fairy wings she waked in and built his castles, one at a time! Umberella Shots 6

Just because that long walk meant walking with her under that umbrella!    Umberella Shots 8

Journeys that require stopping by for just these moments under a small shady umbrella!  And they watched the colors up there, it matched with the color of love! Umberella Shots 10

Another Umbrella spotting yet again! Umberella Shots 11

Monsoon Weddings, literally rains and bright umbrellas make the best wedding stories! Umberella Shots 12

Away in the rainy woods, it wasn't just the rains.. Umberella Shots 13

One of the best couple shoot idea we've come across so far! Thank those crazy rains for bringing out lovely Umbrella Shoots! Umberella Shots 14