For The Radiating Bride - 20 Neck Pieces That Caught Our Eye

For The Radiating Bride - 20 Neck Pieces That Caught Our Eye

We've found a collection of antique jewellery that'll make you stand out at any function. Crafted with love and excellence, the intricate designs capture your heart at the first glance. Creations Jewellery based in Bangalore brings you necklaces made to inspire, instantly adding to your bridal outfit.

11009098_438364212989236_4711061372400311511_n A statement piece that is a blend of modern and classic designs.11053408_490250977800559_6857394472187165266_n Red and white, combined with gold, the perfect match to your bridal sari.11221532_503255296500127_4773547092276913229_n An ode to the Gods.11390102_485463531612637_6382224310766209903_n For the bride who believes in elegance.11209635_525129634312693_3111952939525091434_n Engraved to perfection.12510448_575706682588321_2614888386607583237_n The Old-Is-Gold set.11407098_490250864467237_6019525449048046507_n For the bride who wouldn't pick conventional colors.11665693_503255389833451_2892535161939257096_n The classic that'll never go out of style.12540910_575706505921672_1766375464390257431_n Intricacy that captures your heart.13165917_624492677709721_8636055559035730768_n Experiment with the Chain. 13173176_624492667709722_5885487479627657863_o With the Grace of a Peacock.13173842_624492541043068_5434784749821132551_n Indulge your inner Queen. 13178916_624492817709707_1670282127269208640_n Diamonds are a girl's best friend. For the Modern Day Bride.10734104_399557420203249_4346050966314283263_n

This Motif inspired colorful creation.13247694_629257320566590_1680577968086999445_o

Experience this Artistic Inspiration.12552505_575706525921670_9071849355986641749_n

The Perfect Match to your Kanchipuram Sari


Temple jewelry for your auspicious occasion.


To make a Bold Statement.


Made for a heart that desires detailing.