Kaasu Maalai - A South Indian Bridal Jewellery Must Have!

Kaasu Maalai - A South Indian Bridal Jewellery Must Have!

As much as the trending jewellery seem to appear in all new-age designs, brides easily go in for traditional jewellery with a little bit of trendy touch to it. The jewellers in turn never fail to disappoint them with unique twists on traditional jewellery designs. One of those traditional jewellery, the Kaasu Maalai, seem to play a must have role on most of the brides wedding jewellery list. Here are a few unique designs that you can try while you're planning to go for a Kaasu Maalai. 1. A closely placed kaasu in a classic Kaasu Maalai is something that every bride can carry off gracefully.

Kasu Malai 1

Photo Courtesy : Zero Gravity Photography

2. Bigger, longer and wide-placed Kaasu Maalai can only mean more beauty in itself! Kasu Malai 2

Photo Courtesy : Priyavision Photography

3. Make sure the details on the Kaasu Maalai are highlighted in case the normal ones feel just usual. Detailed work on gold makes the ornament more beautiful. Kasu Malai 3

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4. Kaasu Maalai necklaces are now trending among bridal jewellery. Traditional, yet trendy we must say. 

Photo Courtesy : Aishwarya videos

5. Pair a Kaasu Maalai necklace with Kaasu Maalai Aaram and you'll know the kind of classy rich look it adds to your wedding saree. Kasu Malai 5

Photo Courtesy :Aishwarya videos

6. Meddling around with styles is what creates new designs and trendy looks. Here's Kaasu Maalai with added details on stone work pendant. Gorgeous aren't they?

  7. Color co-ordinate the stones on the Kaasu Maalai according to your saree. Even contrasts work well. Who needs fancy jewellery when there are amazing options with traditional jewellery?

Kasu Malai 7

  8. Adding to the beauty of Kaasu Maalai is a twist of pearls connected. True elegance pairs with any bride who loves the extra twist on traditional. On this design, the carefully worked stone pendant adds more beauty.

  9. A double row of Kaasu Maalai with perfect workmanship is sure a highlight on the bride and no one would disagree. 

Photo Courtesy : Studio A

10. Another color co-ordinated Kaasu Maalai, with beautiful flower and stone work on it. This one sure is irresistible for any bride! Kasu Malai 10

Photo Courtesy :Studio A