Need A Dose Of Art Attack On Your Special Cake? Cake Canvas Has Got That Covered!

Have you had passions that are as old as you are? Have you tried chasing them? Because Anna did and her Art on Cake is making this world a better place to live in! Hyper-Philosophy much? Because we just came across 'Cake Canvas - Happiness in a box'. These very real looking fondant sculptures on cakes are very impressive art forms and we are already feeling the yummy sugar high already!! 12491810_849849668446131_8707842022529894748_o

So I wandered from sketches to paintings to sculpting to doing nothing as frustration scraped its spindly legs and climbed on me. A family who has been genetically gifted with a sweet tooth encouraged me to take up baking. And soon, I started giving classes on desserts to willing victims. It took some prodding from my friends who loved eating my cakes to kick off my passionate love affair with Cake Canvas, explains the calm and composed Anna, in a very sweet tone. She has also holds a Bachelors and Masters in Fine Arts. 12

Cake Canvas is totally like a Design Studio for cakes! The way every fragment is carefully sculpted and artistically shaped makes one wonder about the artist behind the lovely work. Sculpted fondant caricatures on the cake are such a delight to look at, it also gives it a perfect fun twist. The cakes are my own recipe for a soft, moist and rich chocolate cake which is just firm to hold the layers of Ganache and fondant icing that adorn it, says Anna. My foodie instincts are calling it an edible art marvel!


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